WarMelons:RTS-Original Warmelons Reborn

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Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?707arle6pao8dld

(SVN- missing some stuff SVN link: http://warmelonsrts.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/)

My maps don’t have any resources on them!? (files for the maps to be put in garrysmod/data/-

This addon requires: PHX 3.

Also outdated, but there’s some useful stuff in there. Ignore the RD2 stuff and things about generators.
Manual: http://stc-gmod.110mb.com/index2.php

WarMelons:RTS is a revamp of MegaJohnny’s original WarMelons. In short, WarMelons one and two involve the spawning of different classes of “melons” that can attack and be destroyed by melons of different teams. These melons can be commanded, as well as attached to contraptions, vehicles, and fortifications to create a war based strategy game. WarMelons can be as simple as having two people make battleships and sending them at each other, or as epic as a six-sided war for resources and terrain.

Structures, costs, and build time are now a huge factor (though these can all be turned off should you just desire the new features). Bases most be built and resource nodes controlled. Supply lines need to be guarded and attacked. WarMelons:RTS is compatible with Lynix and ParaDukes’s Tiberium, adding harvesting and refining to the game.

WarMelons:RTS is compatible with essentially any map and compatible with almost all addons. Should you want a small and brutal match gm_construct would be fine. Care for an epic war? Try playing on gm_superstruct? Fancy an intergalactic war? Play on sb_gooniverse with spacebuild or spacebox enabled.

Everything about WM:RTS is made to be as customizable as possible. From resource rates, to melon costs, to movement speeds I tried to make an ample amount of server variables to tweak. Most other changes can be made by simple changing a value or two in the lua files.

Here’s a movie showing some end game action:

                             [View YouTUBE video](http://www.facepunch.com/#)             


I apologize for some of these screenshots. I was busy trying to kill someone or not lose in a humiliating fashion.





See the manual that comes with the download or view it online at http://stc-gmod.110mb.com/index2.php

I’m looking for any and all suggestions. I am currently working on getting some better screenshots and possibly movies (my drive died and I saved the code, but not the garrysmod folder).

Changes from MegaJohnny’s WarMelons:

Control Groups and type selection keys.
Up to six different control groups can be made. Melons can also be selected by their type from a configurable distance.

Addition of superweapons/melons.
Current superweapons are: Chaos cannon, mind control beam, microwave laser, battlefield command, regenerative core, and mega bomb.

All classes have had their death explosions greatly reduced. Losing a single fighter will no longer cause a deadly chain reaction or launch nearby melons sky high.
I didn’t really enjoy playing “Who can tip the dominoes first”.

Most classes, new and old were recolored to make them easier to distinguish.
All classes redone and rebalanced.
Mostly based on personal preference as well as extended beta testing (tens of hours). Melon speed differs more between classes and most classes were slowed. This has the side effect of making many melons unable to climb steep inclines.

All classes spawn above the surface they hit unless weld is specifically chosen.
This allows them to be spawned in more areas, including inside APC and bomber vehicles without flipping out or ejecting. Melons will still “dig in” to a more defensive position if weld is selected.

Attributes determine cost of melons
A flying commandable melon will be a much rarer site than the standard grunt.

Medics heal single targets within line of sight.
In addition to being less laggy, these medics are also better balanced. No more hiding twenty medics in a prop fort and having invincible defenses. Medics can still heal from behind walls or inside props if their targets are “dug-in”. Medics heal single targets about four times faster than they did before.

Sniper, MG, and bomb/kamikaze melons added.
Filled missing roles.

Plasma Cannon melon heavily modified.
Plasma melon given an inaccurate flechette attack that does best damage to large ships or formations of units.

Cannon’s given inaccuracy.
Previously, cannons were laser accurate, they can now miss.

Heavy barracks and munitions factory (bomb spawn) added.
By beta tester demand.

Prop spawning tool.
Adds several props (with any prop being easily modded into the list) that can be created at a cost. These props are breakable.

Most all classes were made less laggy.
Most classes fire less often. Slight effect on reducing server side lag with more effect on client side fps.

Immobile melons made much less laggy.
Melons that are immobile think only when they need to fire and not constantly. Big difference.

Two new teams were added, for a total of six
Simply to accommodate more players.

Most melons don’t float and all but melons with the marine attribute take damage from water. Most will die within ten seconds.
Water is now a more unique strategic obstacle.

Team specific lasers for light fighters.
It looks pretty.

Resource system added.
Spawn points and generators added.
Barrack spawn times greatly increased.
Customizable melon speed added.



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Looks cool.

The download is down,

This revamp sounds well done though.

Download back up. Garrysmod.org must hate the manual I have in that zip or something. Time to resort to Filefront.

I think I’ll just assume that since that’s part of your name that it’s just a synonym for awesome, right?

there’s one server with this addon up by the way, so if you want to try it go find it

Sometimes it brokes and when I try any command this lua error appears
autorun/server/dupeshit.lua:236: Tried to use a NULL entity!

Also, nice mod, I ever liked warmelons mods.

All warmlons mod id good :smiley: I hope there will be a patch soon :excited:

When I first saw this I was like: “waste of time” until I read some information, then I was like: “What! This is absolutely fantastic idea! :)” I think I download this and give you a lua king rate.

All hell the lua king rating :smiley: :v:

Something is wrong. I can select my melons until someone attack me. After battle, I can’t select my melons. I need to retry to server and everything is fine after that. But I don’t want reconnect to server after every battle.

That your copied gamemode failed isn’t his fault. Anyway i love this idea, i tried messing around with Warmelons to do this kind of stuff, but it never worked. LUA KING!

I personally could not find any server running this. I did find a server named War Melon Server - Wire|PHX1-3, but it was running what appeared to be an unupdated version of MegaJohnny’s. That is not this mod. It is not even the latest of the original. Make sure you put WarMelons:RTS in your title so people can find it. There is also a WarMelons map called wm_dawn you can get from garrysmod.org. Running that map might help people find the server.

One last thing for server hosts.

  1. Make sure you read the admin help section.
  2. Until this becomes a gamemode it is easy minged. I guess I can say the same for most sandboxes. Just don’t expect to leave an empty dedicated server up with it and not have dumbasses ruining things. Play in small groups with your friends.

Thanks. Although the cause I still haven’t nailed down as I haven’t been able to reproduce it I have treated the effect. A nice filefront download is up that should fix the issue. http://files.filefront.com/patch101zip/;11343727;/fileinfo.html is the patch. The main download has been updated as well.

I have never had any beta tester say anything like this and I am seriously confused. Is this your own server? The binds work normally? You can only attack after your melons are damaged? Are there any error messages in the console? Are you an admin on the server? Did you create the melons yourself *prop protection settings on some servers MIGHT be the problem, but I really don’t know if I don’t have more information.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Your just jealous. this is so awesome my friend been waiting for this.

Will this replace the original WM addon, or will it be a completely seperate addon??? (can my friend have both this and the original on his server without them conflicting???)

EDIT: Nevermind that question. Is it compatible with StarGate mod??? (because I think that added Tiberium with the latest SVN, I can’t be sure intull I check.


Aww crap… GCX has it… Does this mean I’ll have to delete GCX or something???

You definitely don’t want the have the original WarMelons on. As for tiberium I don’t believe much if anything is changed so that shouldn’t be a big deal. What might be annoying is that the harvester nozzle might require energy to run (depending on which one loads first). Either strip out the energy or simply delete the other nozzle. I’ll rename the nozzle to a different entity in next version so it won’t matter.

It’s my own dedicated server. The binds work normally. I can give orders to last selected group (before battle). No Errors. I’m admin on this server. My server have prop protection, but before war I turn it off.
And small question. How can I add new props to “prop base”?

:krad: job!!!

The first few WarMelon releases were awesome, and I have no doubt this will be too.

Adding more props to the prop gun is a snap.

Go to WarMelonsRTS/lua/weapons/gmod_tool/stools/baseprops.lua

At the end of the file you’ll see the existing ones:

[lua]list.Set( “BasePropModels”, “models/props_c17/concrete_barrier001a.mdl”, {} );
list.Set( “BasePropModels”, “models/props_lab/BlastDoor001c.mdl”, {} );
list.Set( “BasePropModels”, “models/props_lab/BlastDoor001a.mdl”, {} );
list.Set( “BasePropModels”, “models/props_phx/construct/metal_plate2x4.mdl”, {} );
list.Set( “BasePropModels”, “models/props_phx/construct/metal_plate1x2.mdl”, {} );
list.Set( “BasePropModels”, “models/props_phx/construct/metal_wire2x2.mdl”, {} );
list.Set( “BasePropModels”, “models/props_c17/FurnitureBed001a.mdl”, {} );[/lua]

If you find some good ones just let me know and I’ll add it to the next release.

Just copy one of those lines and change the model. You can do this with any model and add as many as you want.

I’m still looking into your issue. Anyone else having this?

And one small thing. Can you add to next version comand for admins to set time need to tansform tiberian to NRG?