Hello just wanted to share this with all you rust players.
So you can avoid the same problem as us.

YouTube Video Link

Me and some friends was playing on this server.

Where admin took all hes good stuff in hes inventory and turned on god mode.
This resulted in our raid was prevented by the admin JR Ewing holding on to all hes C4 and so on.

Also its worth mentioning that he threten us with ban and so on if we even tryed to raid hes base.
Something we did not care about at the time we assumed he was more mature then that.

When complaining about this in chat we got BANNED from the server…
Real professional guys…

This server is flooded hackers.

If you want a server with “mature admins” don’t play on servers that have 2x loot and 2 x gather.

what i don’t get is why the admin is being a little bitch and letting you guys push him around. he should either tp/walk away, or abuse you properly by sending you into the clouds until you ragequit XD

to summarize the same point i make every time, server admins can do whatever they want if its their server. if you don’t like it, leave. that way, if an admin abuses too many people, they won’t have any players left to abuse. either way, you don’t have the RIGHT to play there, you are afforded a courtesy.

i will say this though, most servers with the words “mature admins” are unlikely to have any.

Lol I play with the server owner. We made a giant metal base and samed it auchwitz and rounded up every naked we could find. If you want to play the game seriously, don’t play that server

That’s bullshit! Our server has an great admin team of 4 wich are all 25+ and really serious, we have the resource multiplier in because we want people to be creative and don’t have to farm for hours

I totally agree. Increased Gather rate and loot rates don’t equal bad admin attitudes. Just trying to make unique servers.

I really have to agree here. It doesn’t mean that every server with 2x loot and 2x gather has bad admins, Bastwiest and skinnyfat, there’s always exceptions to rules, but I have really noticed that these easy mode minecraft servers mostly have easy mode minecraft server admins (or they spawned from “we’re sick of all the hackers and admin abuse, we’ll make our own server”).

Especially when it comes to “raiding the admin base”, which in itself is a completely retarded concept. Honestly, if an admin has a non-legit base he should have put it somewhere players can not find and if it’s a legit base he should not complain about being raided. This kind of inconsequential behaviour is absolutely retarded and when an admin tells me not to raid his base, I’d be fuck this server at that point. If you need to play with the caution not to raid an admin base because he could be pissed at you, it’s crap and you need to move servers anyways, abusive admin or not.

I guess we are the exception then, we keep it legit. I’m the admin of the admins so to say. I can’t spawn in things I only moderate the server, and check the other admins that can spawn in stuff. So we have a good system of ruling out abuse, but I trust them completely. It’s just an extra, I know how it go’s when you are an admin. It starts with one pillar you’re short and you end up spawning in 20x20x20 metal bases and tp-ing all the time…

About the admins being raided, we encourage players to raid us. We rather have advanced players raiding and shooting us then newbees and raiding 1x1’s we try to be as noob friendly as possible.
And the admins don’t care about loot anymore. Just like to farm and build stuff, we build an awesome arena for instance.

(I’m not gonna spam our server here, but if your interested click the link under my profile pic.)

i think the difference is the combination. your server allows admins to play, but doesnt allow them to spawn in gear, which means they have to play “properly” to build areas. it also encourages normal play with admins, which is great (can be risky if the admins are dodgy, but the payoff is huge if they are reliable and trustworthy). i would play on your server, and i am confident that the admins would be evenhanded in their management.

it looks like a few things going wrong in the above video. the admin is too invested, and somehow ended up cornered by 4 kevs with m4’s. they are then trying to “morally” pressure him to remove god mode so they can loot his body. he felt like he couldn’t (for whatever reason), drops “all” the loot and uses the excuse of “if i die, you will be able to loot my invis gear, so i can’t” and they end up at a stalemate. i’l be honest, i dont know if invis gear is lootable, so i don’t know if it is a genuine issue.

the reality is though, its the admins discretion what happens in a situation like this. the OP should stop trying to demand certain behaviors from an admin; the only one with the right to do that is the owner, because they are paying for the server and need to protect their investment. maybe he grabbed all his good gear, maybe he didn’t. there’s no proof above of that either way, and banning is also probably because you guys were telling him what to do.

Absolutely none of the admin gear can be looted by a player. When someone dies with any Uber or Invisibility stuff on them, it will be removed from their inventory. When they log out when they wear Invisibility Armor, they will logout without a sleeper and once they log in, the Invisibility Armor will be gone. There is no way for a player to get any Uber or Invisibility items without using inv.giveplayer. Also if you try to drag these items out of your inventory to drop them or to put them in a crate, they will be destroyed.

To me, admins should just be normal players. They play, and when they do, they know better what’s good or bad for the server than when they’d just idle for problems.
They should only be on admin duty when it’s required and imho only the hosting admin should have RCON access, the others shouldn’t. There’s plenty of better solutions than giving people the RCON password. Most people don’t understand that admins who actually play on the server is the best thing for a server… It’s only a problem if the admin plays like a noob (meaning he can’t be bothered to go and find wood for that one missing pillar or cries when their base gets raided) and has to use them admin powers to deal with it. But only a fraction of the admins know this and do it the right way (because, psssh, the others aren’t admins, they’re players who bought a server!)

Sorry Cachl, I wanted to click agreed instead of disagreed!

Yes we use Rusted, only the owner has the Rcon passwords the other admins don’t.
Works great for us.

it’s never too late to change :wink:

That’s why rust essentials is such a great mod. You can give moderator permissions, and customize what permissions your admins have in the config file. I am the only admin on my server but I have multiple moderators that can’t spawn anything and have to play fair like everyone else. They can kick players but banning is up to me after fair review…

It would be nice to see the beginning of the video since we have no backstory. I dont get how he took all of his good stuff if you were already raiding him?

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Unfortunately, all servers appear to be flooded with hackers.

ROFL that literally never happened. that was a joke that I said ONE time in teh server and i even appologized for it xD Jeeze, the way people make shit up some times. Not one person was “rounded up”, The metal base was 4x1x4, i mean… cmon what kinda bullshit is this?

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Also, the original people who created this post were banned for all of 4 hours, we talked to them for a long time very maturely, and all came to an agreement to let bygones be bygones. Have a fresh start. They are now happily enjoying our server again, having fun, just like before.

We are not unreasonable people here. I Personally dont even hire under the age of 18. I extensively interview my staff and give everyone a very detailed educated breakdown of how i want my server run. I honestly dont know another server owner that caters to the needs of his players as accurately and efficiently as we have managed to do. I will admit though, with 15000 players coming in/out a WEEK… it proves to be very challenging to please everyone. Running a server is hard guys, try it before you try to tell me what i do is wrong.

lmao “inwisable” armor… lmao

There’s always going to be a conflict of interest whenever an admin is also a player.

Even if the admins play as “regular players”, with regular bases that are vulnerable like everyone else’s, regular farming, regular shootouts and so on, they are still there to do a job, and doing that job means teleporting to people to check them out, teleporting to bases to make sure they’re not glitched, and so on. This means they know where your bases are, their layout, what’s in them, etc.

So one night the admins decide to go on a raid. As a result of being admins they already know where all the bases are, which bases are vulnerable, and which have good loot. It’s not possible for them to simply “stop knowing this” before they head out for a raid.

A few days ago I started on a new server and built a base two valleys past hacker, and nestled in rocks. Two days ago admins came over to check me out (they thought I had rock glitched into the base, we all had a good laugh when I opened the front door!). This was good admin work and I thanked them for being active. But when I went back into the game the next day, my base had been raided. Who do you think raided it?

I had to make it up for Garry’s sake Jason.

This is called meta gaming and only bad admins do that. The real deal can handle meta information properly. Don’t confuse players who bought a server with admins that play on their server.

Wrong! I suggest playing DnD or some other pen&paper game where you learn this skill.

to me, most admins should know how to handle meta information. but to me, most rust servers aren’t actually run by admins…