Warning Admin Abuse on [US] Portland, OR | Vanilla Rust | PvP/Sleepers | Airdrops |

This server is already minimally populated probably due to admin abuse but hopefully this will keep people from wasting their time.

The admin goes by Detrial. I have observed him spawning C4 to his buddies, randomly changing the time of day. Teleporting individuals into the air to kill them. Spawning airdrops in his location. A friend of mine actually got banned for just asking what the rules of the server.

No ill will just wanted to inform people so they don’t make the same mistake I did.

I also experienced admin abuse just a moment ago. I witnessed one of the players asking for C4 and then saying “Thanks admin, you’re the best!” I made a comment about it, and then the admin began to tell me to enjoy the game or he was going to ban me. I told him that I didn’t think me pointing out admin abuse was worth banning, and I asked why so many people played on a server like this. He told me that this was my second warning, and he said on popup “you’re just bad, not my fault noob.” and all of his friends were also ganging up on me. I started dissing one of his friends and I pointed out “the only reason you’re backing this admin up is because he gives you free C4, the rest of us have to work for it.” Then the admin said “Pi, get a life bro. I <3 you cuz you’re bald, but hate you because you’re a douche. Bye” I then said “I don’t see how I used my third strike? I was talking to one of your friends, not to you.” Then I disconnected; I’m now banned… There are 70+ players on that server currently, and I honestly have no idea why… But I’d definitely advise any player to stay away. It’s really not fun at all. I hate servers like this.