**WARNING** Admin Abuse - [US] -nWo- Fresh on 1/28 Noobs/PVP/SLP Blank Names of Symbols=

Please be aware that the admins on this server are on a power trip. Any players that accuse admin’s of abuse will be banned. Just an FYI. Careful on this server. Seems like admins are young IRL.

I play on this server. The admins are great! You have no idea what you’re even talking about. I know the admins, and they’re all over the age of 25. You probably got killed by an admin and came here to qq. =(

I am one of the Admins of this server. Foofoo was banned because he got upset that the Admins play on the server and one of us killed him as any other player would have. What I mean by upset is decided to rage in chat spamming over and over again “Admin abuse” while adding curse words. When asked to stop he did not. Others players on our server will tell you we do not abuse. We play the game as any other player would. We get raided and killed just like anyone else. We are good at the game because we are on all the time. If 26 is young I would like to say thank you. Sorry you could not handle being killed by another player.

I own the server, and I have zero tolerance for grieving my admins and even less tolerance for spamming racism and admin abuse in chat. I don’t think you are funny or cute, and nobody wants to hear you rage. Keep it to yourself.

PS- 26 years old, marine combat veteran.