Warning against "fake" PERP seller


You shouldn’t be buying perp to begin with. Its a leaked gamemode and is completely broken anyways

I know… but I got all the files first before I payed him. and I got all his personal information so I trusted him. Even though it was stupid.

Find where he lives and spam him with pizzas

Hahahahaha… F*ck yeah! Why didn’t I think of that?

F*ck you’re just a smart dude.

Is fuck censored now? Nope, just you.

This is like the four hundredth thread on this sort of thing. Don’t buy leaked, dodgy game-modes regardless of how special or great the seller looks.

I’m pretty sure pulsar effect is still around and tries to DMCA anybody running bootleg PERP (why they even bother after all these years its been leaked is beyond me)