Warning: Being ddosed by Rogue, AeonRP's owner

Hello, I’m posting this here to make people aware of things that have happened to me in the last few months. Please beware of this person. (I’m copy/pasting from my Steam group, my apologies)


Nobody cares.


tbh we dont care, sure its shitty but theres not much to be done

haha jesus fuck if your internet is down just go outside

facepunch isnt a personal army

I really wouldn’t care about a few losers ddosing my gmod server.

All she does was just speaking out the truth and then gets DDosed for.
We switched the host to have a server in peace because her boyfriend offered to host it himself privately.
What happens not even an hour after the server was up? Him and his entire house, including his parents that had nothing to do with it at all got DDosed.
So we decided to shut down the server to stop all this, but what else does he want?

Also to falsely accusing us of stealing addons from SMILEORLY when he offered them to us.
We didn’t steal anything. Infact me and Sarina bought the addons afterwards that we were using from him.

So I’ll just ask nicely, leave us and especially Sarina alone.

Also this is a warning for everyone in case you get in contact with Rogue.

I’ve been a victim of something similar, and this is the exact opposite of how you should be reacting. Sure, it’s horrible, but there’s nothing that can be done. You’re not “warning” anyone; in all likelihood, none of us would even realize this person existed without this thread. Suck it up, get a new IP address, and be more careful with who you reveal it to. If you’re hosting on your home connection, don’t.

I can’t get a new IP,y internet provider says my current lease doesn’t expire til December 2017.

And what, exactly, is the good of that? There’s nothing we can do, or judging by the others’ reactions, want to do for that matter. Facepunch isn’t the cyberpolice, and as I mentioned before, you’re not really making any kind of PSA. The likelihood of anyone meeting this aggressor outside of this thread is so slim, it’s pointless.

Yeah, here is the thing though, you WILL care when it’s happening to you. When your internet is constantly going down, when YOU’RE the one being harassed by these people and when YOU’RE the person having to deal with it all, you will care. You can circle-jerk in your typical FP ways and spam your agreements with the ignorant all you want. Hell, the only reason I posted it here is because a friend advised me to, to assist in getting the word out. At the very least, I was trying to make the community aware of someone who is committing an illegal act to make someone’s life misery in the hopes of preventing the same from happening to someone else. This wasn’t posted for sympathy points or self attention. It was posted with the best of intentions to make this person’s actions apparent to you all.

Well, sorry for trying to save anyone else the trouble. Facepunch never changes.

By even making this thread you are giving them what they want, which is the perception that they have power over you. If you get DDoS’d, just block them on Steam, set yourself to appear offline, and play offline until they stop. That’s really all you have to do. You fucked up by talking about it with a bunch of people and you especially fucked up by making some post on facepunch about it.

If every time they DDoS you they get a reaction out of you, well what the fuck are you expecting them to do? Stop?

Boy OP, I’ve seen you before, and drama seems to follow you wherever you go. I wonder why.

In all seriousness, the above poster is correct. At this point, you’re just feeding them with an all you can eat buffet.

you even admitted on doing it to cut her off the internet.

Also what custom content?
The playermodels we used were made by Reauxur and the scripts were from scriptfodder.

Explain this:

Your own friends ratted you out, buddy. Also, your ex staff who left weeks ago said you were still out about ddosing people. Also

Explain THIS:

EthonicKiller never did anything to harass your server and you went after him.

Also, Blitz gave me this:


never ddosed her?

It’s most certainly NOT false because you came out and admitted to ddosing Ethonic on his profile as seen here:

And then Blitz, your ex SUPERADMIN, spoke the truth. You can’t hide anymore Rogue.


Calling us idiots, saying you did nothing wrong. You have NO evidence to back yourself up while we have plenty. Try harder, m8.

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The fact that I’m STILL being DDoSed is pretty funny, how am I still being DDoSed when you were the one with my IP.