Warning Icebergs Ahead

I was checking twitter (as you do 100~ times a day) and saw this “RustUpdates @RustUpdates · 13h
Suddenly the TestLevel coast is a bit chilly. - @peturah (/main)”

Well knowing that there is a community server up with test level i checked it out and

Soo Cool

Everyday, they do something that impresses me!

Wohooo can’t wait to see them myself…iiiif the update hadn’t broken the menue again…

The icebergs on the third picture kinda look like they’re out of Borderlands 2. :quagmire:

This game is going to be so damn good…

Based on the title I thought this was going to be a titanic reference and someone ranting about Rust being dead, much to my delight I found this instead.

For some reason it reminds me of the glacier level in twisted metal 2. Coupled with another forum about vehicles I imagine my self driving a dune-buggy off the side of that thing into a very cold swim.

Vehicles aside now I want to make an iglu.

You know at least half the people who read this thread will complain later, “nothing is being updated!”

Those glaciers look fantastic, in any case.

How can you stand out there naked like that? Aren’t you freezing cold?!

WHen I saw the twitter post I just assumed it meant the snow areas we’re considered a ‘cold climate’ for when that stuff becomes important.

Also these were never on the Trello, so it makes me wonder what else they are hiding.

These are so sexy.

Yes they definitely have a hidden trello section, Garry has said there is stuff the public can not see, so expect so more surprises, Snow was not openly on trello at one point but was in back ground of a UI screenshot on a trello card, that lead to a lot of speculation a couple of months ago.

Titanic Hmmmm maybe an old shipwreck (some kind of military or research vessel) to explore in the arctic biome ? (good loot point for those with the equipment to survive) this would also be a great PVP area

the rust world is filling up with some nice scenery.

Just wow, the atmosphere of the latter picture made chills go down my spine. Very very nice.

It would be cool if they’d assign certain landmarks (as someone said above: things like a shipwreck, militairy bases whatever) to certain biomes.