[Warning Ideas Guy ALERT!] LIO (Game Concept, opinion sharing. concept idea)

So as im still working (to near no avail and barelly any progress) on the yet to be named perpdarkbasewarzombierp server (see my other thread in this section), i had another “wonderful” idea. As said, this IS an ideas guy post so derpyderpderpderp. If you like it tell me, if you dont, also tell me and why. So yes, this is a game concept with a modification on basewars, using a dunelike concept, with the resource being oil instead of spice or in basewars, raw cash. LIO is what i call this gamemode, standing for land in oil. (not the best idea but its something, might change later). The idea also really modifies basewars so it isnt simple raid and build. Yes, there are factions (called companies), and you can buy and sell stuff and build structures (profitables), but it works abit different.

  1. Money Printers are replaces with oil rigs and derecks. They range in 3 different sizes and can be upgraded across the board ~10 times. (To further add onto this idea id use (if possible) the context menu to specify an area of the structure, right click and a button called upgrade appears, a gui will display to show what can be replaced and upgraded in that area, what cost, and what benefit it will bring, the area will change to what the new upgrade makes it, even if it makes the structure unrealistic looking and incontingent)

  2. A new map: Would need to make a tropical island (a huge one at that) surrounded by water (being the boundries), a npc oil carrier and dock will be on one side of the map. (This is where people will sell there shipments of oil)

  3. You dont make money from oil directlly, you get liters of oil produced. You can sell this to various npc characters either for cash, land rights, or favors by the goverment (tax evassion etc.)

  4. Land rights: You pick a plot of land to work on, once done you can survey and drill in that area, kill lines are automaticlly placed and serverside, you will be limited to work only in the land you aquired rights to.

  5. NPC’s: There will be npcs you sell to. One the OilCarrier will directlly convert oil to money for you which you can use for hiring other npcs and weapons etc. You can also sell to corrupt goverment officals to get lower land taxes or land.

  6. More NPC’s: To get oil derecks and rigs to work, youll need to hire and pay npc workers (not specificlly “working” just a number that fulfiles an argument people must work on it, kinda like how basewars makes you press e on printers, you need to hire a worker (e) to get the structure to work, and when payday comes press e on the structure again to keep it working)

Theres more to do and alot of bugs to work out in concept, there also need a fuckton of balancing in it and a shitton of coding, but tell me what you think of the idea atleast. Thanks!

Honestly, I’ve noticed your other post, and while your ideas are actually pretty terrible by most means, even you seem to realize how incredibly generic they are. Your gamemode “ideas” are all just derivatives of other pre-existing ideas or gamemodes, and while they themes and settings of the concept may be new, the gameplay itself, the important aspect about the project, is nearly a copy/paste of other gamemodes. You also seem to embrace this, because nearly every idea you have is just a modification of an already existing gamemode, and a simple and boring one at that. I’ll start with each of your six points first, then explain why the concept as a whole is not exactly, well, good or fleshed out; then I’ll explain why you need to stop this “idea-guy” nonsense, write the ideas in a journal, learn lua, and then attempt to work on them.

Alright, so first things first; you literally open up this grandiose plan by stating that you’re just going to take a pre-existing gamemode mechanic, an overused one at that, money printers, and just change the model/size/shape to be that of an oil dereck. That in and of itself should set off red flags in your head. Why does the gameplay need to revolve around the same old “wait-while-automatic-device-gathers-materials” schema? The upgrade system is also as bland and tasteless as possible, being a direct transfer of how most DarkRP servers use money printers. You explain how the upgrade system GUI will look, yet you don’t explain possible upgrades, and rather than take an exciting path and work on upgrades that can alter the size, speed, or efficiency of the dereck, you just say that it’ll gather oil faster.

The system is flawed, it’s boring, overdone, and no one wants to just play a gamemode where you wait for what basically amounts to a money printer, collect what basically amounts to money. All you’re doing is taking DarkRP money printers and changing the model. This isn’t an idea, this is a change of cosmetic appearance. Unless there is some extremely original and unique system for this, it isn’t worth the effort in the slightest.

First of all, the Source Engine has limits, so the “huge one at that” statement basically means as big as Source will allow. The idea is simple enough, but it has no depth, it’s just “capture the flag” but instead of a flag, you collect oil that’s automatically produced for you, and move it to the dock constantly. Not only is that unrewarding, but you rely solely on players being dicks to each other for anything exciting to happen. If no one is being violent, then there is not issue in transporting it, which not only makes the gamemode pointless, but also boring.

You’re also not going to find many people willing to make an entirely new map just for a gamemode. These things can take years to perfect.

So this is turning into some pseudo-crappy Oil Tycoon game? First of all, let’s take this system one by one, step by step:

  1. Get oil that is automatically produced by a dereck. This means wait around and “build” or “fight” until oil is ranked up.
  2. Deliver oil to NPC.
  3. Get Money.
  4. Buy things…

What is the point of land rights? Cash? Tax evasion? (which isn’t a “government favour” in the first place) So now your implemented two more systems, land rights, and taxes, which you have yet to explain in any depth. You buy land and then create derecks on the land to produce money? Well, if land rights are required, what would be the point of fighting other players? Wall off your area and just AFK for a while and then you’re loaded.

This gameplay system leads to isolationism, and honestly, I don’t exactly understand the purpose of it. It’s just “hide and money print” DarkRP style, but instead of directly getting the money, you have to jump through some boring hoops that aren’t actually complex, in the slightest.

So now we introduce mercs and government officials? Your ideas just get more insane, unrealistic, and convoluted by the second. So let’s assume you do get a coder to make this; what’s the point of NPC mercs if the server is about player and player interaction? You’re introducing NPCs when the gamemode would maybe be enjoyable if there was a lot of player interaction, such as trade, but instead, you introduce no concept of a player run economy, and chicken out for a simple “go here, buy this” system and then introduce NPCs which detract from player interaction even more.

Why even fight other players? What’s the point? Stop them from getting oil? Why? There’s no competition, there is no ultimate goal to reach. You just sit there and make money, and sure you can fight other players to prevent them from getting money, but why would anyone do that if it costs money to get weapons to fight? You actually make more money just by waiting around and doing nothing than by fighting players. If there is a way to capture derecks, then veteran players will curb stomp anyone that joins for the first time, and thus once one player is in total control of the land and money, there will be no way to take it from him until he leaves, which means players are forced to be bored and leave until that happens.

More generic “I wanna be JUST like basewars” crap. Why do you want to emulate an already existing gamemode? Why not be, I don’t know, unique? We have basewars, why do we need another one with some flashy new models and maps that will never be created, when we have one that exists already? Again, you totally throw away any chance at player interaction. Instead of players having the ability to repair things using skills or items they manufacture, you introduce more NPCs that just do it for you. You make this sound like a Single Player Game. Payday? So your using terminology when you stated previously that you just take oil to the ship to get money. Which is it?

Your ripoff of DarkRP and Basewars isn’t even a good one.

All in all, your idea isn’t even nice. It’s not only incredibly unbalanced, but it lacks purpose and drive. It strives to emulate Tycoon and Basewars games, yet it falls short in both regards; too simple to be a good tycoon game, too utterly boring to be good for basewars. I don’t understand why all of your ideas are literally the same thing restarted:

“I have a new gamemode! It’s base on _______, but instead of _______, you get __________ and then you wait until payday and get money to buy ____________ and guns!”

That’s literally all this is.
Please start to flesh out your ideas more before posting them, and if you care about them so much, at least try to spell words correctly. Why not think of something new and unique and more conceptually brilliant than gamemodes based on ones that already exist, and take the time to actually learn lua if you think your ideas are so good that they deserve critique. Look at the first line of your post, you literally just had this idea because you’re too unskilled to do your previous projects and now your easiest way to feel productive is to be an ideas guy; and not a good one.

Please, try to be more original.

Dont gotta be a dick about it bro… This kids smart but its not going to help him produce ANYTHING if your just putting him down like that o.o


Please. I’m not “putting him down.” He asked for critique on his awful idea, and I offered some. He can’t work in lua and hasn’t put any effort into learning, and he hasn’t worked on any of the projects he’s already said he’s started. Originality is key, and all of these ideas already exist. No reason to create an entirely new gamemode for one that already exists, especially when the new gamemode isn’t fleshed out in the slightest.

Also, calling him smart, the join date, rating him winner, voting yes, and the two posts me feel like you’re an alt, but I really couldn’t care less.

I don’t see alot wrong with the idea and I feel like you were being harsh… You can say they were bad ideas but you dont need to be an ass about it. And the only reason my join date is recent is because I was replying to another one of his posts before.

Your not putting me down at all honestly. The hole point of the mode IS to copy basewars. But to modify it so it inst a complete copy (in b4 shit storm). I appreciate the criticize and as for the wiki, haha funny jokes… also not alt. You can add the guy on steam. Totally separate person. Again, appreciate the feedback and token into a lot of consideration, however i still feel this is a good idea. Not because “ITS DIFFERENT” because you already pointed out its a copy, but that’s pretty much the reason i feel its worth it. Lets see darkrp people hate, but its still massively played. Points have been taken from you i will put into note and will work on with my friend who already codes his base war server so its more of a add-on rather then a standalone game-mode. That’s pretty much the bottom line. So thanks for the feedback.

Also, calling him smart, the join date, rating him winner, voting yes, and the two posts me feel like you’re an alt, but I really couldn’t care less.

Honestly, I would respect you more if you didn’t act like a sellout.

“I’m going to make a boring and generic gamemode that is a legitimate copy of another gamemode that already exists because I want dumb kiddies to flock to my server, rather than to introduce a new game style or gameplay that would breath fresh air into Garry’s Mod. I actually don’t have the skills to do so though, so I’m tossing the idea to a ‘coding friend’ who will make it all for me anyway, but not as a gamemode because that’s too hard, and would require us to actually implement unique concepts, rather than just copy/paste the money printer code. I ask for criticism, yet I ignore all of it and the only reason I posted my idea is so people would stroke my ego.”

You think its worth it because it’s your idea. It’s generic, boring, and as flaws out the ass, and you don’t have the experience or skill to do it in the first place.

I do hope to see you “coding friend” do all this, so I can see if you really can implement these “systems” well. Honestly, tell us if it happens, I want to see your beautiful sellout concepts in action.

I would like to point one thing, you were useful in telling your comments and feelings on the idea at hand, regardless if you love it or hate it, its an idea. Ideas are not sellouts, there ideas. You worse out your usefulness when you started talking about gaining your respect by being in your eyes “creative” by making a game-mode which i would assume is far flung and never thought of before because it goes way outside the limitations of the game engine and lua code. All in all you went in my eyes from very beneficial and helpful to dumb just by trying to defame me because how i look like a “sellout”. Regardless im open still to all opinions. And this should be a testament, Love it or hate it, be productive. Tell the flaws, not just “it sucks its a copy bla bla”. Real reasons, whats wrong with it. Its a copy of a unstable and broken game-mode transferred from G12. Thats all i got to say.

Thanks and peace.

Inb4 another shitstorm: Valid arguments were posted before hand. However calling me a sellout on ideals because i agree its a copy (ie personal ideals and emotion) are not welcome.

Thanks again.

Before I go, going to tell you this; I am not your “tool” and the way you refer to me as “beneficial” and “wearing out my usefulness” makes you sound as about as arrogant as it gets. Your idea sucks, and I’ve told you why, yet you refuse to listen to what I said. You ideas aren’t far flung, and they’re not outside of Source’s limitations, in fact, everything you described is easy to produce by any talented lua coder; they’re just plain bad. They’re unbalanced, not deep, not well developed or explained, there is no detail or construction of any kind, and it’s just a ripoff of other gamemodes. Your idea is just regurgitation, and while that in and of itself isn’t a sellout, it’s the fact that, rather than listen to the criticism I’ve provided you with, you ignore all of it and go about as planned. If you’re just interested in porting base wars over to GM13, which I doubt you have the lua skill to do judging by what you’ve said about yourself, then there is already a talented coder working on it.

If you want to make a good project, flesh it out, make it deep, and give it detail. Don’t slap a bunch of ideas together mid-sentence with no description of what they mean or why they’re being implemented. I’ve given you my opinions; your choice to ignore them and desire to ride the kiddie-cash-cow of DarkRP without giving the gamemode balance consideration, that is what makes the gamemode flawed.

  1. What is fun about my gamemode?

  2. What will players do for fun?

  3. Will there be enough action/depth?

  4. Is there customization and reward for action?

  5. Will players feel welcome to succeed even if there are those with more things above them?

  6. Is this anything new, or will it fall through the cracks like every other idea?

  7. How will I go about achieving these goals? How will NPCs work? How will I network the information?

  8. How will companies work? Will they have hierarchy? If they’re player created, who managed land? Is land ownership persistent? If so, what happens when all the land is taken? Does it get unowned after someone leaves? Why would people work hard to lose it all?

These are legitimate questions you must ask yourself.

(stop telling me what is and isn’t welcome, we get tons of idea guys a day, this is no different, more generic ideas with no plans or skills, it gets tiring to deal with it)

@loriborn Your first reply was, albeit criticism, it was very harsh and demeaning. Pancakes888 is my friend and his idea may be far-fetched but there are many good points to it that just need refining. I’ve already made another basewars and, currently, it’s in the gamemodes section as BaseWarz but once its complete, wich will be two or three days from now(or whenever garry fixes gmod), will be called basewars.

Why make a copy-cat of basewars you say? Well, the current one was made for gmod12 and ported to gmod13, thus it is VERY buggy and crashes OFTEN. I am making mine from scratch with gmod13, it is rock solid and already blows the current one out of the water. So, yes, there are many a reason to copy a gamemode if you have your own tweaks and imporvements you want to add into it and I like Pancakes888’s Oil idea, if you play the current basewars you will stop playing it and play mine when its out, and if that’s the case, be prepared to have an Oil element and be interacting with NPC’s other than the sole purpose of killing them.

Nothing he has proposed is outside the realm of the source engine, garrys mod, or its lua scripting engine.

Nuff said. A mod needs to lock this post.

As said, i took your ideas into consideration. Done. Also, if you dont wanna deal with “us idea guys” then dont reply, simple as that friend (:


I would also like to add a few things. I never said the idea is outside the limitations, its a very lite modification of basewars which isnt a very heavy mod in itself. I was saying what you desire is a far flung idea that you can consider “original”.

Also “kiddie bandwagon dark rp” is a sterotype. This would inturn relate to Garrys Mod = Kid Game, which inturn would mean most if not all game modes are made for little kids.

Its a demographic that needs to be taken into consideration but im looking at a demographic for everyone that plays gmod (which albeit, you already kinda showed relating dark rp which is the most played gamemode other then TTT and sandbox as a kid gamemode, meaning that if TTT and Sandbox combined were only of adolescent and adult demographics (which they are highly not)) It would relate to 2/3 people playing are adults, and 1/3 of all players are playing one single gamemode, 33% of several hundred thousand (roughlly) is a huge demographic which needs to be taken into consideration.

Feel or dont feel used, a tool, etc. As far as im concerned there is enough game modes out there that could last me awhile, modifying it to give anew touch does no harm. Furthermore, again on this tooling ideal, you yourself are placing people as a demographic, im just following it in a way you can perceive.

I hope i made things clear for you, critizism has been taken, but i have the final say on my idea and project. If you have another, you know the drill. Tell it, make it happen, profit (or fail epiclly).

Thanks again.

fuck off
you aren’t welcome here anymore

See? This is unproductive…

Why not instead of argue with people on your ideas, you just start writing them down. You say you are gaining something from the conversation. Well show us what you are learning, or how to fix upon ideas and maybe you will catch someones interest that will code for you.

You are op, the first post is yours, update it to your liking. Branch off with your ideas every time someone sparks something in your head and maybe after time you will have a large thread filled with information on your game mode idea. But to be honest, threads like these come through daily almost, and nothing personal but I’ve seen some pretty well thought up gamemodes than this. So finding someone willing to code for free already will be slim unless you can put more complexity into your first post explaining the details of your game.

Agreed and appreciate the feedback. Will probablly just make a little text file of all my ideas and just work on refining and making them better as time goes on until it has a “wow original and good idea” factor involved. this post was more just to show a few of my friends my idea (and get a general feedback of it), it was more supposed to be an addon then a gamemode (so might be wrong section too). But yeah. thanks for the feedback and i probbally will put more time and effort into my ideas before i jot them down on facepunch. Thanks.

I would probably read your idea if you had an avatar

Ratings from this post:

Pancakes, you don’t get to choose who’s welcome. Unless you pay Garry $10 for gold so he can buy cars and new iPhones. Then you get to decide.

Is anybody thinking that the only people who are not critizing him are probably alts?

Well, I think they’re probably just his group of steam friends who only signed up to post something in this thread. That being said, if the op already has a plan worked out (his buddy coding this as a small mod for his basewarz server) and everything sorted there’s probably no reason for this thread to exist. I appreciate the effort, and anyone should be able to post in these forums, but at the moment it just seems like the OP is just antagonizing others and refusing criticism, even if he didn’t intent to.