Warning: may contain peanuts


im a cool guy huh

I am disappointed there are no glowing red eyes that pierce into your soul.


Oh god the repetition, the lighting, and the axe just makes this the most awesome image I have ever laid eyes on.

I hope no one has allergys

VERY nice DoF and overall blur.

why is it so wide? It’s just empty space.

Agreed, its a little big.

Changing resolution while in-game makes me crash, sorry about that.

What repetition? The lighting is brilliant. Though, the only con of it is that the axe isn’t casting any shadow.
I love this pic. Nothing wrong with it.

I was referring to the repetition of the peanut man. The image isn’t bad, I do like it, though to be honest I do apologize for any of my posts that I do sound like a douche.

shit man this is kinda freaking me out

bad vIBES.

good job hEH

damn straight