[WARNING] Notice to People looking for servers!

This is NOT an advertisement for my own company!

I used to have servers with Cstriker.com, a Subsidiary site of Art of War Central.

Art of War Central owns many sites, including xoomservers.com, voicebright.com, cstriker.com, and artofwarcentral.com (I think theres another few)

I used to have THREE servers with Cstriker.com, I had paid for a 20 slot Garry’s Mod, 10 slot Garry’s Mod, and a 14 slot Team Fortress 2 servers, I had prepaid all of these servers for a combined total of 9 months. As of yesterday, they proceeded without warning to delete my entire TCAdmin account and shutdown all of my servers. When I contacted them about it via support tickets, someone did reply.

This was there response, the representatives name is unknown to me.

I can not find any services for your in our control panel i will have to reinstall your servers to get these working, however the info on the account is unlear on what you have as a reacurring billing server.

Can you give me a list of services you are paying for so i can have these reinstalled for you?

thank You

Ticket ID: #882171
Subject: Poor Service
Status: Answered
Ticket URL: http://accounts.nagametech.com/viewticket.php?tid=882171&c=ObmgjHg9

When I attempted to view the ticket again today and respond to it, their site said the ticket didn’t exist. I attempted to login to my support account to check to see if it was actually there. I was unable to login, and attempted to recover my password, when I tried this, it said there was no account associated with my email address anymore.

So I proceeded to register for a new support account in order to continue contacting them and attempt to solve this major issue.

At this moment, I have an open ticket with them, I have full proof of my services, as well as the invoices from PayPal from when I paid.

Might I add, that the TF2 server was purchased only last week, so my services were cut off short by 2 months and 3 weeks, my Garry’s mod servers each had over a month left before the next bill was due.

They owe me over $200.

I do not recommend using any of Art of War Centrals “Sister” sites, as all of their “Sister” sites are owned by AoWC, and ran by all of the same staff

I have reported them to Rip-Off reports, as well as the Better Business Bureau.

Stay as far away from this company as you possibly can.

Thank you.

Mods, please do not delete and/or ban me for this post as it is to inform other members of facepunch of the possibility of being scammed by this company. I do not wish to see other people fall prey to such scams.


Please don’t post that he should go to XYZ Host, he can look in the wiki for the companies. List only comments please.

Alrighty :], and thanks for not deletin it. I don’t want other people to get ripped off by 'em, because I know they’re a well known company… doesn’t mean they’re great or trustworthy though…

But I guess I’ve heard great things about http://www.gmodservers.com and http://www.xenonservers.com So y’all should check 'em out instead :]

EDIT: I am currently in the process of reporting them to local & national news outlets (ABC, Fox, MSNBC, KCTV5 etc…) to see if they can help. Since it is quite obvious AoWC does not want to resolve this.


Are you serious?


Don’t a lot of people complain about AoW anyway? Apparently they are one of the worst hosts out there.

Yes, why wouldnt I be? I want my damn money back.

So we live in a world were if there’s some sort of problem we start an uproar, call the media, have on world news, protest, and burn down the datacenter? Do we?

I Highly doubt any news agency will be able to help you, because they report interesting things. Some kid got ripped off by a website? boo hoo. Contact their primary website, show them reciepts for reimbursement, if they fail to do that, sue them.

the news channels here will actually investigate shit like this and get you your money back & more.

and ive already shown them the invoices and shit

Then take it to the police or whoever provides their connection.

No, news channels will NOT investigate this, as it’s nothing major.

It’s the internet,other websites are for more interesting, yet I rarely see any articles from the internet being added.

Seriously, don’t get your hopes up, they’ll just ignore you.

Some news channels actually will look into this kind of shit. There are programs dedicated to it though, they do a better job than news channels. Still, Teddi you are right, complain to their main site / owner, if that fails, SUE SUE SUE.

The local news stations do this a lot and they will investigate into it. also im pretty sure the police aint gonna do shit. lol

Im very sure the News won’t do shit.

The BBC has programs that target local businesses who are breaking rules, I don’t see why they wouldn’t exist anywhere else. People take stuff like this more seriously than you’d think.

If your that bothered, offer to take them to court for corperate theft, and call a lawyer if that doesn’t resolve it.

For $200, it’s not worth the lawyers time.

I’ve already talked to paypal, and AoWC both saying to contact their lawyer… so I will be getting in touch with them very soon and hopefully they will be professional and resolve this situation. Otherwise the BBB or my local news station will.

If this crap keeps happening, I’m going to be e-mailing their sales address with links to all the latest AOWC hate threads. Perhaps they can explain themselves.

I’m pretty sure they’d just ignore you if you did, plus I’ve already found about 15 other reports similar to mine on google.