[WARNING] ~Rust Legacy~ |Doors|Sleeper|PvP|Groups|.5 Craft|WIPED (1.24) [WARNING]

I just wanted to warn everyone about this server. I was playing on it with 4 other people tonight and after about 3-4 hours on the server we was getting steady. I started killing a lot of people and everyone I killed was toxic little liers and yelled “aimbot!!111!, one hit kill, cheater, shot 10 hit 10” and what not.

The admins are of course blind and stupid and listen to the public opinion without any proof. They don’t even approach me when I want to talk to them but instead threaten to ban my friends (which also got banned later on).

My friends got banned when one of the guys who screamed I was a cheater decided that my friends would be as well, and then there was just a chain reaction and we all got banned.

TL;DR: We was having a lot of fun, admin is a d*ckhead and listens to butthurt 12 year olds and we got banned.