[Warning] Sorry Owner DDoS

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:59426270
Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/applesc0re
Community Owner: http://www.greatnessgaming.com
Community Owner Profile: http://www.greatnessgaming.com/member.php?5-Apples
Proof: He told me he was going to shut my servers down, and he did.

It makes me mad when a community owner DDoSes. There is his community.

People get DDoSed all the time, who cares? He’s just some script kiddie

This specific attack was 2.4 million packets per second. That’s quite a large amount.

Edit: He just hit with a 4.8 million packets per second DDoS. A record for my host.

Has anyone actually had good experience reporting “internet crimes”?

From what I’ve heard, most organizations, groups, etc. won’t care, unless it causes a substantial amount of money in damages.

authorities aren’t going to give a shit about a gameserver being attacked.

Leo, didn’t you try to buy PERP from the community lol?

Yes, I did. I have it now, but PERP is too much work “lol”.

Why do you even make these posts? Nobody cares.

Learn to deal with it, we all have to.

I have had a few people friend me and give me good info on how to deal with these types of attacks so I am happy I posted and thanks to the people that helped :slight_smile:

He is probably using a gameserver/DNS amplification attack method. DNS amplification’s standard attack is around 2mil PPS, since it’s literally scraped a ton of vulnerable DNS’s, thousands. If it’s a Gameserver amplification attack, it’s quite simple to identify, ask your host for the log and it should come from exploited COD4/Quake/CS1.6 servers.

I was a victim of a 15gb/s DDOS in Australia in 2010, crashed Optus in Queensland for 20 minutes. Even then it didn’t seem like they considered it a big issue.

PubGamer PERP? Is that you Michael?

Sure is babe.

Holy shii, I played your PERP constantly, add me on steam mate! http://steamcommunity.com/id/Kyzyk