Warning: Table client_lua_files is full, can't add lua/entities/*something*

I get alot of errors “Warning: Table client_lua_files is full, can’t add lua/entities/something” and then I can’t see alot of addon effects.
Does anyone know what’s causing that, and how to fix it?

Its because garry thinks no one should send more than 2048 lua files to the clients, so he limited it instead let the decision to be the server owners ones.
This means I can’t use wiremod+spacebuild+cap because it uses more than 2048 lua files.

I hope garry finds some day a better way, like compressing one file on the server side and send this to the client, and extract it there, instead of 1000s of lua files.
Now with the new gma files, this should be possible for him, sending the whole gma file to client, instead a lot of separates lua files.

Wait, so you can’t use more than 2-4 big addons at once?

If the 2-4 addons in total get over the limit, then no - you can’t.