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After updating to Steampipe my srcds is spammed with these errors, has the limit of files been reduced? as 2 of my servers both use a significant amount of content. If the answer is yes is there a way to increase the limit or any kind of work around? as currently the lack of content is making both of the servers unplayable for new players.

same problem :frowning:

It was reduced.

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To 4098 files.

Is there any possible work around? There isn’t really any content that can be removed on both of the servers I run.

EDIT: I was looking into the possibility of packaging the content into VPK’s but I dont think that would work really. I guess the only way would be to have the limit increased somehow

Why to put a smaller limit? Except for killed the gamemode I see not why they made it, it is completely useless…

does anyone find it a solution ???

Garry’s got plans for a new type of downloading system - downloading from Workshop. Things might improve then.