Warning: Table downloadables is full, can't add....

My resources.lua file works, but I have about 14,000 files in the redirect and I believe there is a limit to the amount of files that can be downloaded with FastDownload, so to test if it works, I joined the server after deleting all of my addons in the client, when joining I am brought to the download page which downloads 8,000 files (not the 14,000 that I have uploaded) so after waiting this out, nothing is working and it appears lua is not configured correctly. I know that when you make changes to the server, the lua file is to be uploaded onto the redirect, but after reviewing srcds it appears:

Compressing lua files into data pack…
Skipped. Datapack exists.
Warning: Table downloadables is full, can’t add cache/df6ed7162ed06234204bbb674f035dbf.dua

The console gets a gigantic amount of spam from files not being added to the downloadables.

So, is my only option to have less downloads? Is this really a limit? The only thing I have on my server is Wiremod, Spacebuild Pack, maybe 10 tools, Fun Gun, Knife, and Nuke pack, and a few small things here and there.

This sucks if there really is a limit :(. I’ve googled this but it appears that I am one of the few with this problem. I hope there is an alternative.


Update: Also, the files need to be redownloaded everytime I connect. I did some research on this one as well and it appears that other people are having this issue and so I’m going to assume it’s a clientside bug that Valve needs to fix.

Add manually.
Also absence of cache very bad, clients will not be able to play on server properly. But i think you know it.

Manual not that hard, it also makes possible to move a SVN folders for updates, so if you have direct aces you can update and add missing things.
Well if you don’t have, ask a hoster, if hoster is tight ass, then do it manually with proper FTP client.

I’m using Filezilla to do this. as for manually, you mean add everything in resources.lua right? That’s what I’ve been doing, The cache isn’t going to send because the downloadable table is full. Is there a bypass for this?


Try to get ride of resources.lua, it seems like that if server have FastDL it forces all things anyway.
Tho it may just makes a overflow of table by adding same things twice somehow. Because engine lists and adds, and then lua script.

I do not guaranty, but it worked for me.

If I were you, I wouldn’t send SVNs like Wire and SBEP over FastDL. On my own server, I say stop being lazy and get the SVNs yourself. It IS sort of a requirement to play GMOD online, anyway.

I’ve used a program to generate my resources.lua, it just goes through ever folder and recursively adds the files that I have selected. There are no duplicates. As far as you saying FastDL seems to force all things. From my experience, the only thing it forces are lua files, according to the guide it also forces maps, but sounds, textures, and models are something you have to force. Some addons do come with lua autorun files that add them to the resources but very few of mine do. I think there is just a limit to the downloadables and sadly… I’m just gonna have to take some stuff off of my server.

I agree, people should get the SVNs themselves, it just seemed alot more convenient to ensure they had Wire or SBEP, but I guess Wire and SBEP have alot of files to them and excluding them would help bring down the downloadables… It just sucks I ran into this problem…

Thanks for the responses, I guess I’ll probably just end up removing some addons off of my server and seeing how that goes.