Warning: Table downloadables is full, can't......

What can i do to slove it?

Remove some downloadables, you are forcing too much shit to be downloaded. Try using Steam Workshop for some downloads.

I’ve tryed using FastDL and Workshop but it’s like FastDL takes over the workshop and nothing gets downloaded from the workshop. This started happening once i started using FastDL

resource.AddFile adds files that are related to the file you’re adding. If you add every file ( mdl, vtx, vmt, vtf, etc… ) use resource.AddSingleFile.

How to set up FastDL: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26074909/tutoring/server_srcds_steamcmd/fastdl_setup_instructions.lua.html

And my recursive resource loader: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26074909/tutoring/_systems/simple_recursive_resource_loader/sv_add_gamemode_resources.lua.html

I just updated it so it’ll resource.AddWorkshop all gma files inside your server/garrysmod/addons/ folder and not add any other files from there unless you edit the script. And, it adds all content from server/garrysmod/gamemodes/<gamemode_name>/content/* with support to have a workshop/ directory in the content/ directory where you can put empty .gma files ( say you extracted M9K weapons to remove the Lua and you want clients to download the addon for the models. You can’t put the pack in your collection because your server will download it and mount it… So you can make a NEW file and call it: blah_blah_blah_12344595.gma but in place of 12344595 you’d put the workshop id in the file-name… Don’t put any other digits in the file-name… )

Try it out. Enable -condebug in your server launch options, this resource loader will count exactly how many files are added from your gamemode/content/ directory, and how many workshop files from your gamemode/content/workshop/ ( empty files ) directory, and addons/ folder.

Hopefully this helps, also if you copy the resource file, be sure to remove .html in order to copy the .lua.