Hello, there has been a new steamID spoofer released and to the public for free. And i am sorry to say it is functional , garry if you read this , i will send you the program and the source code.


So , do you remember what happend on some servers with tranquility?
example: Chief TTT server

Rated late.

Rated dumb, cause dramaunlimited.org actualy posted one tonight…

I never said it works… But people claim it does in the comments.
Not gonna try it though.

:ohdear: You’re late. Too late…

Oh, it works.

A certain someone visited a zombie survival server, blandantly speed hacked, got banned, and came back again, repeat.

Some servers are figuring ways around it now though. Anti-SE bypasses and other stuff.

I find it really amazing how these people work new ways to cheat. It’s like a monster that constantly adapts to what you throw at it. Truly smart minds at work.