WARPAC: A community project expanding its Developer team.


“Communism isn’t sleeping; it is, as always, plotting, scheming, working, fighting.”

Hello Facepunch! My name’s Kyle (AKA: Bloodprime) and I’m here to represent the WARPAC team in our call to expand our developer section.

Before I introduce the team, let me give you a little bit of information on our project;




Hopefully the above gives you a decent impression of WARPAC. It’s an ambitious community project that pulls from a variety of arts, in an attempt to create an extremely immersive Garry’s Mod roleplay game-mode.

The Team:

Our team is comprised of several university graduates and pre-graduates in the computer sciences; be it development, sound or art.

Kyle Hall:

Will Arroyave:

Jan Haak:

Billy Sullivan:

So what will you be doing as a part of our team?

WARPAC is a standalone game-mode. We do not plan on using any existing framework. This means that there is a lot to do in the base code department.

To go into some more detail, planned features for WARPAC include a;

We also require a UI & HUD artist.

We are currently working on creating a full documentation of the development side, as would be expected in the video game industry. This means that as a developer you know exactly what everything needs to look like aesthetically and how it needs to function practically. With this being said however, we are always open to change should the team agree on it, and so as a developer you can also expect to have your say in the game-mode.

If you are interested in applying or have any further questions, please email me at: khall27@live.co.uk

That’s cool and all but is there any payment or is it “% of donations” like every other project?

I would be happy to help. Put me down as a Lua coder if ever you need me :slight_smile:


We’re a completely non-profit project. The driving factor behind WARPAC is the teams’ passion for creating video games. Any donations we receive in the future will be put back into the project for future expansions.

I see the slogan on the logo is “A misfortune never comes”, while a famous russian phrase is “A misfortune never comes alone” (“Беда не приходит одна”). Is it intended or not?

Looks like I need to hire a new translator!

I believe you have the correct phrase, I’ll make the necessary changes soon. Thank you for pointing that out.

Nothing wrong with free as long as you’re not a team of ideas guys.

That being said, is there any media? Proof of… anything? You’d get a lot more people interested if they find out you’ve done or are capable of doing.

Give me a call if you need an expert on russian things in your world-saving team.

I’ve let a majority of the team know to put something together for display here, or to send me existing portfolios. I will be updating the OP tomorrow with these, as well as some more information on gameplay.

Thanks MuffinZerg, we’ll keep your Russian expertise on call!

Just sent you an email, maybe you need another coder/game designer.

Updated OP with portfolio information. Will be adding more throughout the day.

Also updated the synopsis to give a better description of the setting.