WARPAC: A community project expanding its Mapping team.


“Communism isn’t sleeping; it is, as always, plotting, scheming, working, fighting.”

Hello Facepunch! My name’s Kyle (AKA: Bloodprime) and I’m here to represent the WARPAC team in our call to expand our mapping team.

Before I introduce the team, let me give you a little bit of information on our project;




Hopefully the above gives you a decent impression of WARPAC. It’s an ambitious community project that pulls from a variety of arts, in an attempt to create an extremely immersive Garry’s Mod roleplay game-mode.

The Team:

Our team is comprised of several university graduates and pre-graduates in the computer sciences; be it development, sound or art.

Kyle Hall:

Will Arroyave:

Jan Haak:

Billy Sullivan:

So what will you be doing as a part of our team?

WARPAC is a standalone game-mode. We do not plan on using any existing framework. This means that there is a lot to do in the base code department.

To go into some more detail, planned features for WARPAC include a;

WARPAC is set on a southeastern American peninsula. There is a heavy concentration of buildings towards the middle of the city, with foothills and a coastline in the surrounding areas.

We are currently working on a detailed map layout (what we currently have will be shown to all that apply), but we still plan on leaving some creativity with the mapping team!

If you are interested in applying or have any further questions, please email me at: khall27@live.co.uk

Man those communists sure are evil. I hope you can play as CEO of macdonalds armed with freedom launchers.

What do you have to show of your project so far?

edit I’m being a dick. /edit Good luck with the project.

Below is what I’ve worked on for the map so far.

WIP Map Layout:


WIP Map:


My focus has been divided all over the project which is why we’re looking for a few more mappers.

That seems like an extremely sparse map according to the layout. Maybe it’s just me though.

Just a heads up your frame rate is going to take a nose dive later on if you keep it as open as it is now.

Not if it keeps to the layout it won’t. It doesn’t have enough “stuff” to cause fps issues. cscdesert was pretty open similar to this as well and I don’t recall having any fps issues when using the map.

As nice as csdesert was it is now dated. Walk around it and tell me it doesn’t look several years too old.
The mod team shouldn’t set their goal so low. Right now it looks like free space. Split the big map into lots of smallermaps like stalker or deus ex.

Man I wish I was a good enough mapper, I would help.

Game-mode for garrysmod?

The op is very ambiguous on what they are actually doing.

It sounds like they want to make their own engine, which is ridiculous.

What does that actually mean?

I think it means they are coding from scratch and not using some base such as Clockwork

Yes, that is correct. We’re working on our own framework which is likely to have a public release.

Additionally, we have brought a new mapper onto the team who has deemed it necessary to change the layout, keeping most of the key features however. We appreciate your help though! Thanks for the suggestions.