Warpdrive that you can sit on

So i figured out how to do the warpdrive and started to think, what would happen if i could weld a seat on to a plate and weld the warpdrive on there, i could warp myself. But that doesn’t seem to work. whenever i activate the warpdrive, it takes me off the seat and doesn’t warp. Any ideas?

What mods are you using?


Your first topic got closed. Why are you making another?

wait, is your thing a small, tan box.

or a tube-like thing with a blue glow in center?

the small box thing annoys me, so I never use it, but the tube thingy you can just weld stuff to it, and it will teleport them.

Benie is right, can you post a screen shot of your addons folder?

I think the other was closed because he made this one

the warp drive has its advantages, you dont have to be sitting in a seat to warp with it, but with the hover drive you have to be sitting in a seat or you will just be left floating

I have trouble getting the Warp Drive to work with a laser pointer.

Laser Pointer is one of my favorite ways to set teleport location.

Hover Drive doesn’t have issues with Laser Pointer.

My choice is obvious…

(Although, if I’m using a GPS, I guess the Ward Drive is okay if I don’t feel like welding anything)