warrior confronts swamp monster


c&c please.

i made the map aswell.

if you liked this one then check out another monster pic i did early today.
“skeletons charge at a warrior”

I’m digging your work man, make a comic.

thx :). ive been thinking of making a comic, but i think im gonna make a few more normal screens before i do one.

Gotta ask, what map is that again? I’ve seen it before, but I can’t remember.

Kinda small monster.

:lol: at the swamp monster?
It is so tiny!
But otherwise really cool work!

i made it. just for this shot.

Nice editing.

oh whoops ive justed noticed that, :s. it wasnt actully like that its just the angle of the shot.

Woah, that’s atmospheric, reminds me of STALKER in a way! Good job.

Poor svamp monster, big mean knight comming trying to kill it.

So he survived the skeletons?

yep, an hes gonna fight more stuff once i get the pics done :).

It’s glowing blue, does that mean theirs orcs around :B

lol i knew someone would bring that up lol

“This is Sting. You’ve seen it before. Haven’t you, Gollum?”