Hello everyone good’m new to the forum, thank you in advance for your help. And excuse my English

I have some game models WARRIORS: LEGENDS OF TROY, are compressed in a format called mpkg, and my question is does anyone know I can unzip or indicate a tool to do so, the game models would be something.







I again thank you in advance for your help, thanks.

You’d have better luck asking at XeNTaX, but I hope you find the answer. These models are sweet.

Here are a set of tools for Quick BMS extraction and MAX Script import. The files are big Endian, tools are from Xentax (can’t remember the source exactly)

Looks promising… any chance to upload these tools to mediafire? 4shared is blocked here at work.

hi thanks for your help, but the problem is I can not unzip the mpkg format, so that the model I can not bear any tool.

if I could unzip that file everything would be solved, but thanks

Tools on mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ezgcci68etv387g

RMR241068: You have to unpack the files from the xbox or ps3 files first. Do a google search, there are various tools out there.

Hey guys,

I tested the tools I posted here, seems to work. You will have to do some cleaning of the meshes etc. You have to do the rigging yourself.

Hello thanks.

I see you’ve been able to decompress and open a model in 3dsmax. But I can not unzip it, if you please can you explain me step by step what I have to do.
1st game with the ps3 as I open it and I have to decompress files and tools
2 º the tools I need and the order of use.
3rd and then an explanation of what you doing, I thank you in advance, I know you is give you work but otherwise people do that but you learn.



  1. Get Offzip and QuickBMS here: http://aluigi.altervista.org/mytoolz.htm

  2. Use Offzip to extract the .bin and .mpkg (c:\offzip.exe -1 -a c:\file.bin c:\extract 0x0)

  3. Use QuickBMS to extract the .dat with “G1M_0034.bms” and “G1TG0060.bms”, output will be .g1m and .g1t

  4. Use dds script to extract the .g1t

  5. Use Max Script “dw7-1.ms” to import the .g1m into Max.

Credits for these tools goes to chrrox and Mario at Xentax.

Hello joqqy
I appreciate your information, but I have some problems.
I unzipped the files. Mpkg with Offzip or I think, but I get error QuicBMS use and get this:


I am contacting you privately.