Warriors RP (Idea Thread)

The Basics:
This will be a gamemode, a roleplay gamemode.
This gamemode is based very heavily on stats and randomization, there will be no guns or other humanly objects, the only thing you have is the natural world and yourself.

Stamina - Speed, Endurance life, and Breath length

Dexterity - Leap Length, Jump Height, and Injury compensation

Strength - Claw Strength, Weight Limit, and Health max

Sneak - Uses sneak ability which shades the player transparent, higher the skill the more transparent

Morality - Raises when you are around, heal, and befriend other players, Lowers when you kill, injure, and defriend other players.

Medicine - Skill with medical herbs and such, allows you to mix herbs to create medicine for other cats, the higher it is the more effective it is.

Resistance - Your natural resistance against disease and injury, Raises when you are injured or catch a disease, Lowers when you are treated with medical herbs.

Injuries drain stats until they are healed, then stats regain.
If you sustain enough injuries to 20 HP, stat loss cannot be restored.

When your character is made, you are randomly placed in one of four clans, then you are born.
You do not choose any stats, as you gain them through your kit hood by doing whatever the stat is related too, the only way to gain stats as an adult is to work hard on them.

Kit - What a newborn is called, they are named with “kit” at the end.

Apprentice - A kit that is 6 months old and is under a warrior for training, they have “paw” at the end of their name.

Warrior - A cat that has been accepted into the clan by the leader as a warrior.

Senior Warrior - Not exactly an official rank, but older warriors are often considered this and are trusted more with duties.

Deputy - The clan leaders right hand cat, whenever help is needed or the leader cannot lead, the Deputy will take over.

Clan Leader - The leader of the clan, they have “star” at the end of their name.

Medicine Cat - The cat that is an expert in medical experience.

Naming goes like this

-(Natural thing/color)(body part/feature)-


The Clans:

ThunderClan - +15 to sneak and dexterity, -10 to stamina.

RiverClan - +15 to stamina and strength, -10 to resistance.

WindClan - +15 to stamina and dexterity, -10 to sneak.

ShadowClan - +15 to sneak and strength, -10 to dexterity.

At somewhat rare intervals, sickness will strike.

Names of sicknesses-

Greencough - A serious infection in the lungs, very fatal. (Health decreases by 1 every second, all stats halved until cured. 30% chance of happening)

Whitecough - A mild, non-fatal infection in the lungs.(Health decreases by 1 every 3 seconds, stats decreased by 5 until cured. 60% chance of happening)

Leafbrain - An extremely serious brain infection that will immobilize its victim.(Health decreases by 3 every two seconds, all stats completely removed until cured. 10% chance of happening)

Legdead - Temporary Arthritis. (decreases physical stats by half until cured. 60% chance of happening)

Deadbeat - Extremely serious infection that spreads around the body quickly, death often ensues. (Health decreases by 5 every 2 seconds, all stats gone until cured. 0.1% chance of happening)

Once a disease is contracted, you cannot contract another one for 30 minutes.

Medicine Cats can cure all of these diseases, they just need the right herbs, they spawn randomly around the map.

Catnip - A plant cats cannot resist, helps cure Greencough and Leafbrain, will distract scent completely.

Lavender - A sweet smelling purple plant, helps cure Whitecough and Greencough, will distract scent completely.

Cobweb - A spiders home, helps bandage injuries.

Honey - Sweet golden liquid, helps cure Legdead and Leafbrain.

Poppy Seed - Natural calming agent, helps decrease stat/health loss from injuries and diseases.

Headcrab Bile - Bile recovered from a dead headcrab, helps cure Deadbeat and Legdead.

GoldFlower - Extremely rare plant, completely cures any disease instantly.

**Spottedleaf **- A somewhat rotting leaf, helps cure Whitecough and Deadbeat.

TravelGreen - A herb that completely eliminates hunger for 20 minutes.

All diseases have 3 things to help cure them.

Mouth - You can carry up to 5 things in your mouth, may it be prey or herbs.

Sneak - A bindable command that fades the player based on their skill.

Medicine - Ability in a menu, allowing the mixing of herbs to combine their effects.

Scent - A small box in the top right corner of your screen gives you scent updates, such as “Lavender nearby, West of your position.”
All cats have the scent of their clan on them, if they are near another clan cat their clan scent will brush off of them.

Washing - A simple button that lets you wash yourself, it takes 20 seconds and removes your scent for 5 minutes, making you undetectable scent wise, after these 5 minutes your scent is reset to your clans scent.

Befriending - You can add two other cats to your personal friend list, you can distinguish their scent and tell exactly who it is, you cannot damage each other, and you receive +5 to all stats when near them.

Q - What, cats? Why cats.
A - This gamemode would make no sense with humans, also cats rule.

Q - Lol ur juts a furry nub
A - No You.

Q - How do you plan on getting this script?
A - No idea.
Q - Sounds like it needs a custom map.**
A - Maybe, who knows.

Q - Won’t this get boring?
A - Sure, but this didn’t stop all of the other generic HL2RPs did it?

Q - Sounds like it may need custom models!
A - It most likely will, im in the dark on this one.

Q - If you can’t do anything, why did you make this plan?
A - Massive creativity surge and a want to let my ideas flow.

Q - Are you willing to pay for this work?
A - Yes, but not at an insane price like Kuroscript or something.
Q - If you somehow do get this script, will it be private or public?**
A - Since everyone likes to be a massive faggot these days, it’ll probably be leaked faster than I can release it myself.

Q - Why are you such a pessimist.
A - I’m just speaking the truth man.

Q - [Generic Troll Comment]
A - OK

Err,I could never find what timezone this RP is based in…?

Looks promising,looking forward to it.

Modern Times, the book this is based on had all of this crap going on right next to a town of human beings, living their lives and driving cars and bulldozers encroaching on their territory, but that wouldn’t even contribute to game play or roleplay.

Guyz i can edit darkarpee

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Good Job.

Corny idea, but great concept.

I read those books.

Anyways, sounds alright I guess, could be fun

I think you shoud work on that.

If your talking to me, I can’t do anything.

I can’t model, script, map, etc.

So you basically, You just turning Garrysmod… Into a furry oblivion?

Make the District 9 aliens raid them for there cat nip.


Looks cool’

No, You.

Yeah sure.

Uh, you’re making a furry gamemode where you roleplay in a stats-based environment and kill other furries?

I think.

I still find it funny that this is based off of a book series.