As you all may have been wondering, I’m currently making a gamemode. The name of this gamemode is WarRP. Yes, it does sound like a deathmatch, and it is. But that’s sometimes what is fun. But first off allow me to explain how it works; There are two sides, the Blues and the Reds. The Blues are what’s left of the UK and the US. The Reds are China and Russia. So basically, they’re at war, and they’re at each other’s throats. Russia made the push through europe annexing the main part of the continent and taking over a big chunk of the island which England is situated on. China is pushing into Japan and the Pacific ocean trying to make it’s way towards the US.

Well actually I apologize as that was more of a history lesson for the gamemode, but here is some real info.

You are a member of either the Blues or the Reds armed forces, and your duty is to ensure you country achieves victory of the enemy menace. You earn money by doing tasks such as killing enemy soldiers, which can be used to buy things like weapons and such. This helps bring you and your country closer to victory, and thus the enemy’s surrender. The generals are essential, for when one dies in battle, that battle is as good as over. ALWAYS PROTECT YOUR GENERAL.

There is organization, which I hope the FAQ will better help to explain below.

Just some skilled people I will need:

Hosting(Highly likely, my 16 slot server isn’t quite on the scale I’d hoped.)

Q: Why will people need money? Isn’t this a war?
A: Yes, but even wars cost money mind you. Equipment takes money.

Q: Isn’t this just a big minge-fest?
A: Not really, it actually takes a great deal of organization and patience, something usually minges have none of.

Q: Yeah right, how?
A: Well for one you only have a small amount of health that lets you take like one or two shots before your gone, thus you must be cautious. That requires patience.

Q: Is that all your going to do to keep it organized?
A: Nope, there will also be Officers to give orders, and military police to help maintain order. They exist you know, so I figure it would only make sense.

Q: That it?
A: Yep, oh and there are generals who give orders, and those that follow the orders get cash bonuses. And teamwork is essential considering how easy it is to die, and the same to thrive, that is if you can work as an efficient unit.

Q: Let me also ask this; is it going to take CSS weapons?
A: Hell no, I can’t tell you how mad I was when I found out most gmod gamemodes required CSS to play effectively. In this it will mainly use Kermite weapons.

Q: So is the whole thing just infantry?
A: No, it’s vehicles too. What kind of war is only fought between infantry without a single vehicle?

Ehm, sincerely you should move some stuff from the FAQ to above text.
I was just going to ask where was the RP when I realized the FAQ said you play with army ranks and have to obey the superiors.


But yes, roleplaying in a war should be fun, but the problem is the deathmatch.
I am sure a lot of players will focus in the deathmatch and not roleplay.

This gamemode would be fun, but just a money incentive to obey orders in my opinion isn’t enough. And anyway, what will you buy with the money?

Also, will the maps be quite big, so you have generals in a “base” of some description, ordering the others around? This gamemode would be amazing for a WW1 based map, with trenches and stuff.
HOw many players will this support?

It should support/require 50 players at least to make it fun. And it probably will have some manner of bases, and remember, those who disobey orders or go AWOL and such can be arrested and punished by MPs. An example of punishment is they are fined. The money that is earned by the way is used by the soldiers to order weapons, which takes time to arrive giving strategic opportunities to both sides and giving time for them to get organized and such. I’m going to hopefully be able to update the original post soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice :slight_smile: Are you gunna do this all yourself?

With any luck, at least most of it. I’m going to need some help though. I’m no one-man army.

How is respawning going to work? Is it instant, delayed or do you have to wait for some sort of new round?

Is their any form of Air Force? Just saying. :slight_smile:

I like this idea, keep working. I would help if I knew mapping or coding…

You should join the gmod soldiers

It is basicly what you talked about but better with an airforce,special forces, armor, army. Real leaders and real life military tactics.
We have our own vehicals, player models, servers, website, forum.

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Sorry but after working with your community in the past it is a bit of a joke, your admins are rather immature and tried to have a ‘war’ with my old community that I ran.

As for the OP, if I see some actual process on the gamemode I might offer to host it on our dedicated server, and get some coders to help you.

Well I wasn’t actually expecting someone to volunteer, but now that you offer I suppose I could do that. I guess I had better work on it. Just a fair warning though, I’m no lua master.