Warsworn-Rust Never Sleeps-[PVP][Sleepers][Oxide-Rare Military]-A unique rust experience

-Server Settings and Information-
Server Name: Warsworn-Rust Never Sleeps-[PVP][Sleepers][Oxide-Rare Military]
Console Connect: net.connect
PVP, Sleepers on, Airdrops at 7 players (will increase with population), half-craft speed, standard day-cycle, C4 and military weapons can’t be crafted or researched.

-Oxide Mods-
To see the mod commands in game type /help for general, /ehelp for economy, or /sphelp for skills and perks.
Custom loot tables oriented towards a slower progression
Chat improvements-Private messaging and chat history
Destroy your own buildings
Location-Determine your coordinates
Economy system-Earn money and use it to buy or sell in the server store.
Skills and Perks
Teleport to another player once per day (if they accept it)

-Warsworn Code of Conduct-

  1. Our goal is to create a server that appeals to both new players and veterans and provide a unique rust experience with a slower progression and more item rarity.
  2. As the admin, I do everything in my power to prevent admin/moderator abuse. Our moderators have very limited powers to help enforce server rules when I’m not available.
  3. Repeated violation of the below server rules will result in a warning, followed by a temporary ban, and finally a perma-ban.
  4. Hackers will be insta banned. We don’t like to witch hunt but any evidence of hacking, macroing, or aimbotting will be investigated and banned if there is probable cause.
  5. PVP and raiding are encouraged, and part of the fun. KoSing is discouraged, but permissible. That said, griefing will not be tolerated. Mass murder sprees or KoSing everything you see will result in punitive action, as will repeated harassment of the same players or newer players. We want fun raiding and PvP, not a server full of terrorists.
  6. Building stairs or ramps onto another player’s base is allowed; it’s part of the raiding experience. Building onto another players base to intentionally ruin the design or the base, or using buildings to imprison other players will not be tolerated.
  7. Basically, don’t be a dick. Use common sense and good judgement and you’ll be fine. Above all, have fun.

If you’re looking for a friendly server that will still keep you on your toes with some PvP and raiding, this is a good place for new players and veterans alike.

I’ve been playing on this server for the last few days. Very fun! The drops add to the difficulty without making it too hard. We could always use more players though!

Glad you’re enjoying. We definitely could use more people. It’s a good server for people of any skill level or playstyle. It’s fairly open for settlement at this point and there aren’t any groups living in big bases or working together as of yet. Our whole goal is to create a server that addresses as many of the most typical server complaints as possible.

I would love some more players. For how many are on, suprisingly there have actually been some hilarious rivalries and clever base designs.