WarZ Dev asking Garry for rust key.

Original post: https://twitter.com/garrynewman/status/355387639844704257
This was on his twitter for those of you who do not follow the god.

why are the names censored

Thats what garry posted it as, I believe its his skype name and one of the other dev’s for rust. Dont want people adding him and spamming can i haz rust key.

Wow, But its Infestation: Survivor Stories now.

Yeah I know, I got it for free when it was called WarZ. The game is complete and utter garbage.

Agreed Agreed. I played it when they had somewhat control of the hackers and pvped. It was fun. But now it’s bad again, getting aim botted and esped.

I demanded my money back for it, it was that terrible and I got it back. They should of never made people pay for it, so god damn appalling. People have made better games and released it for free

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It was never good, end of.

WarZ sucks comeon! Dont let them do it garry!


Not that it was a good game, but it WAS fun when you had a large group of people and did stuff. I remember I was in a city with a group of people looting a helicopter and we got ambushed, there were like 20 of them, but we managed to kill all of them with only a few causalities on our side. I liked how the game had more urban cities/towns though, like the tall buildings and overpasses that you could go one offered some cool game play options.

It’s like DayZ, getting hacked and shit.
But DayZ’s the most epic survival game that I’ve played on my entire life.

Lets find out who it is

Well we can try piecing together the parts we see… and use our C.S.I. programs to make it out.

it’s garry talking to his boyfriend, hezzy

Already figured out the last 4 letters.

Working on green now.

using advanced image enhancement techniques i have discovered who the green one is

[sp]it’s craptasket[/sp]

oh fuck this was my 7,000th post

last 5 letters are gTure.

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and i’m almost sure first four letters are “Butt” :v: