WarZ Models

Hello! Thought I’d add some more life to this Bore Fest, Anyways. So I’ve decided to use a .scb extractor to get the meshes so they will be in better quality weapons, vehicles, buildings, and more. But someone has already done the work of adding all the equipment, weapons, and more onto Gmod, You can check out the steam workshop collection page here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=152432068
Cant link anything else but that so, Also non-ripped textures so they should be best quality, Just remember that the models aren’t great, but you shouldn’t expect them to be. it is WarZ or as others refer to, The Bore Z. I will be removing old pictures though to bring in the new, Ill add them later on including new download link(s) with the new extracted and not ripped models. Ill also detach parts of the model such as bolts, mag releases, triggers and more so you don’t have to, Not all models will have these but ill do my best for the world models one because they look the worst. The models will also be exported to .obj files so they work for all modeling programs. Although I personally use 3DSMAX. I hope this brings any comfort or just more weapon/skin making ideas. or just none of those which is totally fine by me.

Please leave credit for me if you make content using these models that I exported. I took my time to re due all the models I ripped, I deeply appreciate it.

-Images of Models-
At the moment Im getting them now!

I haven’t done anything yet?

“BoreZ Models”*

Nice ripping. anywho, look good.


I want to see this Stryker ported to Source!

Also the tents could be really usefull.

Oh god I want that crashed heli so bad.

Lots of those models could really awesome in scenebuilds.

The crashed Black Hawk and burnt out police car would be awesome if they were ported to source and able to use in Gmod.

Well. I don’t know how to port anything into source so I might release the models. Not sure what file type to release them as though.

I’d say .obj or .3ds is the best filetype.

Maybe you can ask someone to do it for you?

Ill probably take a-cookiesfan advice and export them to .obj and release them so someone can port them to source.

no need to rip… just use FAT importer

Whats FAT importer?

My hands are ready to port those masks and gear.

Ive got most of the models exported to .obj :slight_smile:

Maybe all actaully, Im not sure if i should use mediafire or dropbox xD


Yea. its one of those upload and download places. or something XD

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So ive got it ready to be downloaded and what not. Heres a link to the models https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/shz/wnd6fhfwj9qywxb/No0ywuXPle/warzmodels?token_hash=AAExui8WKT2WDKi-hvsVoDetChiKzLqIXXtvajkvigYNMA&top_level_offset=0

Thank you so much for that.
I’ll get my hands on some stuff to work on, and probably release.

Awesome. Cant wait to see them once your done with them. I might try getting some foliage like trees, and overgrown vegetation and some buildings.