Warzone achievement is bugged - Cannot be completed

Please if your here to say that it does work on your computer - Dont even bother posting a reply here.
I have killed over 1000 Baddies yet i do not get the achievement for it. In my gametime I say i wouldve killed about 7000+ baddies just trying to get this achievement.
I have tested this theory on my server today and this is the result -

As you can see i didnt get the achievement - I would like a reason for this and how i can fix it or when i can expect it to be fixed. Thanking you kindly

So, why exactly are you asking us? What exactly do you want us to do about it? This is the developer section, we talk about scripts, make scripts, stuff like that, we aren’t the lawyer section or the steam achievement busters section, try somewhere else?

Assuming you are a Lua scripter, you can just use this function to give yourself that achievement:

It’s broken. That’s why no one can get the achievement.

I have that achievement?


Yeah, it hasn’t been broken forever. Only recently.