Warzone3 PVP - Air Drops@5ppl - Instacraft - Economy - Doorshare - Teleport -

We are a brand new PVP server looking for fun players to join up, kill zombes, raid houses, hunt humans, and just have an all around damn good time.
We also have 3 very active admins/owners- PikaChewBacca, glizzabizz, and myself- NiTeMaRe. We are extremely fair and helpful and there is absolutely no admin abuse.

Server IP- ** Type net.connect in the console (press F1 at server selection screen) **
The server is located in Seattle Washington.

We run the latest version of OXIDE and here is a list of attributes that we run on our server:

Economy- Adds currency (money) to the game, you get cash for slaying zombies and aggressive animals, and killing other players. You can also use economy to buy items like Supply Drops

Teleports- You get to send teleport requests and accept or decline them (to other players)

Instacraft- Crafting is instant, regardless of what you craft.

Doorshare- To share doors with others you simply type /share “playername”

Air Drops are setup to happen with a minimum of 5 players.

Supply signal is the only uncraftable item on the server.****

Base Remover tool- if you mess up, fix it!

We also have no sleepers.

No hacking
No asking admins for free items or admin powers
Have fun

Mass air drops at fist 3 ppl to join server now gogogogogogogo within 10 minutes

Server is up and running strong just looking for more ppl to come chill.

come own it up and have some raiding pvp extreme fun!