"Was a cold November morning, a couple of months after the Manhattan virus first struck."


scenebuild on gm_bigcity

I really like it, good work. Have an artistic!

And his nose looks like balls.

Mother of God that angle is cool.

Good. Oh wow male_7’s nose.

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It’s so wrong bro(his nose that is).

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No, i am not late. I posted it first and then he edited his post.

I like.

^^ What he said.

His nose looks like a leech. But it’s all cool. I like how his pose actually looks like he’s leaning to look in. Good work.

that’s shockingly amazing for being on bigcity :bravo:

Thanks amigos.

Nah I mean with the broken nose thing. All my male_07s have the same nose.

I’m not the only one with broken nosed male_07s am I?

Ewww, you should fix that broken nose you have then.

Too bad you choose a retarded face 'cause it’s not bad.

everything looks “retarded” with the citizen facemaps, but i think i did pretty good anyway.

His nose looks like that because the modeler probably chose Group_02 facemaps for the models. AKA, designed so the refugees look like they had their fare share of fights. I mean, Male_07 has the same nose for all of the variations, it’s just that Group_02 is more evident of the nose’s dented broken status.

Dunno, the WiP version looked better IMO.

This reminds me that we really need better city maps.

This IS the WIP picture, only a bit more blue.

Well the blue kinda kills it.

The aliasing!

I’m lovin’ the camera though.

i want to ask you:
could you please add pic link to all your posts?
unfortunately i can’t see pics, you posted

The only flaw is that there is no sign of widescreen of the car. At all.
But since i’m fond of all this virus staff, I like the picture very much

PS. The nose is ok, my friend has the same :v: