Was Accelerated Back Hopping patched?

I recently got on Gmod for the first time in several months. I tried to perform the accelerated back hopping glitch on a singleplayer game, but it doesn’t work at all. Did a recent update patch it?

i’m pretty sure it only works on sandbox and with perfect bhops

Yes, it was. You can restore it by editing the Sandbox files back to how they were originally, or use the hook code thegrb provided in the thread.

Jesus christ the comments on that asking the bug to stay as a “feature”.

how hard is it to install a third party script/hook to have it back

Sure it was present in orange box source engine but it wasnt intended and was fixed.

Yes, but it’s been in the game since the very beginning. I would argue it’s a core aspect of the Orange Box physics engine since it is so widely used in surfing, bhopping, and speedrunning. Although I would never advocate leaving a bug in the game intentionally, I feel ABH is an exception. Doesn’t really matter now.

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Also, the third-party scripts to restore it require a lot of hacky move code that could easily break under any addon that sets the same parameters in the hook.

Well this is bullshit. I had a lot of fun with the glitch :confused:

I don’t think there was any reason to fix it.

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If you play on a server, ask the owner to download it to their collection.