Was raided....how?

Firstly, I’m not mad or even remotely upset; I am legitimately confused. I’ve been raided before. I have always backtracked the damage and blown walls done to my raided house to figure out how to build better in the future. So last night, my 3 friends and I were raided.

A brief description: We have a 7 story 3x3. It was not finished, so on the 6th and 7th floor, there were open windows. We placed foundations and pillars 3 out from the building. I went around numerous times with stairs. I found 2 spots where stairs could be place. I promptly fixed them.

So like I said, we were raided while everyone was offline. My friend made me aware of this early this morning, so I logged on to see the damage. I went through the entire house inside and out. I saw numerous blown walls, doors and window bar frames; all INSIDE (we have interior windows as well). I followed the damage and it just ended on the 6th floor (the floor with no windows). NOTHING was built onto our house; no stairs, barriers, crates etc. There was also not a SINGLE outside wall blown; only interior. I can only surmise that they came in through an open window…but nothing was built nor COULD anything be built.

I’m genuinely confused as to how they got in. Maybe the did blow a wall on a low level and then repair it? But there were no blown interior walls on the bottom 4 floors. If that’s the case, why would they repair some walls and not all? Our house stands as it was built; raiders added nothing. It’s like they floated through the open window…

No clip hacker flew in with C4 and got your lewts. It happens, and it sucks. :confused:

  1. do you have codes on your doors? I’ve been curious to see if anyone has made a program to crack the 4 digit codes (probably not likely)

  2. Maybe they replaced the walls after destroying them

  3. possibly admin invis that teleported to you

  4. the doors aren’t actually yours and they blew your doors and added new ones but left them unlocked?

idk just some suggestions

i would assume it was a player that either jumped on your pillars and built up blew your walls outside, thne inside then as they left they replaced the blow outside walls and pick axed the barricades / boxes / spiked walled used to build up so you dont see how they got up so they can rebuild up again in the future

I’d like to see a cooldown after a failed attempt to make such a program completely impractical if and when it comes about.


I’ve replaced walls I’ve blown with C4 just to confuse the victims of a raid. It only costs 40 wood, and the confusion on how it happened leaves opportunities to do it again.

since that one dude let the cat out of the bag, my guess is that they blew your doors and then replaced the doors with their own that are unlocked.

Agree, very smart raiders will not give away how they got in. Carrying “replacement parts” is trivially cheap compared to the C4, and as above, barricades and boxes are easy to destroy with a few players (a few seconds each).

It wasn’t a hard strat to figure out in the first place…

There is an exploit with pillars that can make you jump like Nemo in the matrix.

Probably replaced the blown outer wall and destroyed all evidence of them climbing up.
Or hackers with high jump, they do exist.

This is exactly what happened. 90% of the “omg a hacker ruined my base” posts are probably caused by this.

When we raid a base, we usually blow a few walls while blowing doors so the defenders get confused. As we’re doing that, we replace walls behind us, maybe throw a few sleeping bags, and wait for the commotion on the door runners to settle down. Do that, and suddenly you’re a hacker / admin abuser / cheater / etc.

Anyway, wall replacement is a valid strategy. Carrying spare parts is easy and frankly a good strategy. Walls also make good destructible crossing platforms for pillars (as opposed to ceilings). You can ladder up and never leave a trace.

Raiding while someone’s offline is the real tragedy here, though. That’s just not fun for the raider OR the raided.

I guess it depends on the server… There’s a 5-minute cool-down to replace a door, and that can be an eternity when raiding a base.

Still not convinced that raiders placing unlocked doors is much more than a mused-about possibility, versus a real-world issue.

It already does have a cooldown. its something small like 30 seconds after each failed attempt. I worked out it would take something like 11 hours to crack a door code if it had to check all 10,000 combinations and also accounting for ingame lag.

It’s just not practical.

However most idiots use years of birth for 4 digit codes so if was going to brute a door start with 1900 - 1999.

Using the unlocked doors strat is a hugely beneficial move. If you’re smart, you’ll use it on a base known to be shared with multiple people. You’ll only take partial stacks of things and leave high value items alone. This way it’s more likely the residents will believe another member is simply using the missing items and they will continue to use the base.

But then, it seems you won’t be convinced that this happens until it happens to you. If you start to notice things missing, try changing your door codes and see if they still belong to you.

did you just. . . .

Hey, Nemo jumped pretty high for having a bad fin!

If ur windows weren’t “barred” then they can just climb on pillars and then jump along the wall and they will simply get “stuck” on the window and go in . the trick is to hold and ctrl while falling towards the window and u will 100% get inside . some pictures of the house would help

This makes me feel old saying this, but there are most likely kids playing the game who were born after 1999 as well. If that is the case, it would also be wise to check up through about 2003-2004.