Was "sway" support ever added to detail sprites in Gmod?

I’m just wondering whether support for “sway” was ever added to detail sprites in Gmod? I read several months ago that it was going to be added, but didn’t hear any more about it after that. Just curious about it as I’d really like to use it in a map I’m working on.

Sorry if this is the wrong section, wasn’t sure whether it was better suited here on in models/skins.

I haven’t heard anything about it, but it sounds interesting.

I remember there being something about swaying grass on interlopers… Not sure where that went. Check the tutorial section and google around. I’m pretty sure it involved messing around with the sprite images and the .vmt’s…

Swaying grass and tri-shaped grass is supported in Counter-Strike Source and DoD I believe. It does not work Garry’s Mod and other Source games. It should be since it requires only a small code fix that is documented on the Valve Developer Wiki, but I guess Garry can’t handle doing a simple code fix. To be honest, there is a lot of code implementation Garry could do to give his mod some new visual shine along with swaying grass, City 17: Episode One mod is a prime example. They have attached dynamic lights the visleaf system, as well as giving them a fade distances and optimizing the the shadow quality. Those optimizations alone could allow you to make a map with just dynamic lights. The team took it a step further by optimizing the VRAD compiler so lighting is more accurate, treats prop lighting better, and shadows are far sharper without performance sacrifices. They also created an omnidirectional and point_spotlight type dynamic lights. If those types of implementations were set in, I can easily see myself mapping a lot more with that kind of extra visual quality control. I could literally create an entire indoor environment out of dynamic lights.

This would be a really nice addition, would love to use this in my maps.

Couldn’t you just use an animated sprite?

Or is that not possible?

Can someone confirm that this is enabled in GMod now?

You need to compile using Counter Strike Source in Source SDK otherwise it won’t work.
WitheredGryphon confirmed it a few pages ago in the map pimpage thread using my detail sprites pack that contains sway lines in the vbsp file.

edit: here it is

Wrong. I compiled in Ep2 and it worked fine. I think I also compiled in HL2 and it still worked as well.

That’s interesting. When I compiled using EP2 I had no sway in Gmod but when I compiled using CSS I had it.

I’ll have to test again.

edit: what the fuck it works now :v:

didn’t this work a while ago?