Was the new sleepers dupe method fixed?


As in the topic - was the new dupe method fixed?


I’m asking cause I’m not sure if I should gather more resources or the Sleeper Servers will be wiped again?

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advertising glitches like this isn’t a wise move :stuck_out_tongue:

It waas already linked yesterday

its reported why broadcast it on the forums for more people to read? Not everyone would have read it last time…

Yeah, I’m sorry for posting that but it was already published yesterday and most ppl are already familiar with it.

I’m asking cause guys (ingame chat) told me it was fixed and there won’t be any wipe.
I could of course test it myself, but don’t want to risk getting banned.

So I hope someone who is better informed will enlighten me.

Not really sure you know how this whole process works, bud. We are supposed to surface these glitches/exploits/hacks/dupes NOW so they can fix it. Even so, a lot of people have tried to do it but failed miserably. Garry did not put instructions on how to do it, just a vague description.

People actually pay money to PLAY the game its not just for testing, people actually pay money to RENT servers to play the game. Yes I am aware its alpha but why give a game breaking glitch to as many people as possible to wreck the servers when there is a report process for it and then it will be fixed in time?

Report the problem, keep quite and don’t exploit it… More people playing, the more bugs/glitches will be revealed and the faster the game will be released.