Was the rad wall removed?

So I came back on after a few days off, hear loads of people crying about satchel charges and proceed to run to the rad wall to poison myself to death. Only I don’t die.

Instead I keep on running. Up over the mountain and down the other side and on into the wilderness beyond.

It was fun when I managed to glitch past it before, but it’s still the same. I ran for miles today thinking that maybe Pat and Helk had removed it on purpose and had added loads of resources beyond, but I found nothing but trees, hills, dirt and mountains.

Was it removed on purpose? And if yes then how long until you start to include resources and monsters (zombies) out in the wilderness?

Regards, UnholyKyono.

When Pat gave people cars last night me and my group drove over there, to my surprise there was no rad wall also I noticed. I hope they add resources over there soon, I think the area past the big mountain is sweet.

Wait what they gave you guys cars?!?!


They’ve done this before, multiple times I think.

Seems I missed out on all the fun…

Yeah I noticed that there was no limit to where you could go earlier when the cars were about. If you check my thread about cars there’s a video of some of this area I drove around, I got lost very quickly.

What in the holy fuck. I thought you guys were joking but then the screenshots.



I think it’s just that big so when the game goes public, whenever that is, the map will be large enough to support a LOT of players. I went onto that large mountain you can see from pretty much anywhere in the main area, and the view is great.

Yep everyone in the server had a car

I presume the cars were simply for testing purposes, sounded loads of fun though. :slight_smile:

The cars if for dev’s only anyway :slight_smile:

Such a shame I missed that. Would have been ramping off of every hill and mountain I could find out past the rad wall! :v: