Was the 'wait' console command disabled?

I used to be able to have a script for spawning stuff in stranded, now I exec it, and I freeze, then I find the wait command is disabled, so my script calls commands about 100,000,000,000 times a second. Thus making the game freeze. It used to work like 2 weeks ago, now it doesn’t.

Probably because of engine update. Wait was disabled in CS:S engine some time ago, it probably stayed disabled during the transition of gmod.

I’m pretty sure it was disabled because there was an exploit using it.

Servers can re-enable it on CS: S and TF2, not sure if it is possible in GMod though.

sv_allow_wait_command, I think the command is.

The command isn’t restricted, it’s gone - that ConVar will do nothing.

It was removed due to the fact that servers could use it to run whatever commands they wanted on the clients. For some reason, by skipping a frame the client would ‘forget’ that the rest of the commands in the buffer came from the server and therefore execute them as if they were typed into console.

I think personally it was due to the CS:S update, thanks guys!

What does wait do?

It waits. Like it does nothing for X time. Not too hard to reason out.

Well, there goes a few of my scripts.

It’s put inbetween other commands to make it wait 1 frame, you can change the frame, for example

gm_spawn dog; wait 10; gm_spawn dog
+jump; wait 17; -jump; wait; +jump; wait 14

Also, wouldn’t it be possible to implement it using Lua?
Clientside of course.

Here’s an exact definition for the command:

Still works in CS:S, most servers disable it though because it can be used for exploits.

I’ve made a plugin to re-enable the command, use it at your own risk.

Copy pl_wait.dll and pl_wait.vdf from the Release directory into the addons folder and restart the game.

I can’t trust you, is it VAC Safe? And is it a virus, after all, you are Chrisaster

You can’t receive a VAC ban for cheating in GMod.


The source is there too.

Alright. Yes you can recieve one.

Do you have any proof?

Well, garry said it wasn’t in one of his blog posts, and I want someone to test this first, I can’t trust the internet.

VAC is disabled in gmod