Was this Garry

ok so i was on SFS jailbreak and a guy named garry joined and 1 of my friends was on and said garry joined and he got the achievement for playing with garry. when i get on i say o it isnt him he wouldnt play my server and then 2 secs later he says if i wasnt garry would i be able to do this! and then the server crashed and i couldnt get it back up so i have to make a new website and server!

Was this garry or a hacker?

It’s not the actual Garry; it’s an exploit

I don’t think garry has the power to crash a server on command.

Another SteamID changing exploit? Or were you talking about the crashing?

Both are exploits. They were both reported and will hopefully be fixed soon.

sounds like garry to me

So it was a hacker?

Reread the thread

I want this hacker to join my server just to get that Garry achievement.

Blame Willox, or me for sharing with him. He leaked the crashing exploit to 1-2 people.
However, one of the people he leaked it to is a server owner and the other one is lazy, so it was probably Willox crashing your server.
I’ve reported the security issues since, so they should be fixed soon.

If you want an easy way to check if it’s actually garry, check the steamid in status and compare it to the one of the user in the scoreboard.
If you want to stop the crashing you either have to do net_blockmsg clc_GMod_ClientToServer ( which sacrifices client->server net messages ) or write a C++ module which hooks into the net msg processing and verifies that the length sent in the lua file request msgs isn’t negative.

Hey kid, ever heard of CHEATS?

Anyone who cheats to get achievements are stupid. They’re achievements because you have to achieve them.