was wondering if anyone would trade me a rust key for some games.

please get back to me as soon as possible the games i will trade are 2x mirrors edge (one on orgion one one steam) Dead Space Origin, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Origin, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Origin, Medal of Honor Origin. please get back to me as soon as possible. I also have some other games if these don’t spark your intrest.

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doesn’t this break the rules?


I guess u will get banned :frowning: cuz u didnt read the sticky…

dont say that…

Looks like the ban hammer is on it’s way >.> :suicide:

Humble Bundle worth < 5 U.S Dollars

Rust key worth > 30 U.S Dollars

Good luck.

why do you people keep on saying this person will get banned? it’s against the rules aswell

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I wonder who thought it was an intelligent idea to try and sell the humble bundle for more than it’s worth? I’m seeing it everywhere…

you can’t do this

hey look