Washout v0.1 - a construct style map

Hello! I saw all the news around S&Box and thought it would be fun to start to port some of my maps from Source 1 to Source 2.

I’ve started with a simple one I call Washout, a very open map with a shipping port theme. I wanted to go ahead and post this version but I’ll be adding more territory and buildings as I expand the play area. Hopefully it can be repurposed for whatever your needs are.

I’ve got it up on the HL:A workshop for now. Here is a link to see it for yourself:

I will also be porting one of my other maps that’s more geared toward combat game modes. It’s large enough for a lot of people to fight on and fun to look at. I haven’t started on this one in Source 2 quite yet but its next. Here is a link for it in the CS:GO workshop!

Thanks for looking and good luck to everyone on their projects! Everything I’ve seen so far looks great :smile: