Wasn't Charged for Rust?

I’m not sure if this is on PayPal’s side or Facepunch’s side so i thought i’d ask the easier of the two first. Has anyone had any kind of delays for paypal with RUST? This is the first time I’ve had any kind of delays and its kinda held me up because i’m not sure if i have to worry about another 30 bucks coming out of my account randomly. I used the instant bank transfer thing. I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this, still trying to get a grip on all of the places to put things.

Check your bank account then. Your bank won’t automatically update the transaction until about after a business day and then it might become a pending transaction. If you payed through Paypal then just look under your transaction history.

Ah, maybe because i bought it on friday i’ll have to wait until monday to see, i know there isn’t anything on my bank account saying it has taken money, but it does say it took the instant transfer on my paypal.

Thank yeh mate, i just got all of this set up, so i’m kinda new to it. Cheers