Wasted Potential

Look at you. You had such dreams ahead of you. Such promise. Where are they now after years have gone by?

You shouldn’t use such low-res stuff, and that light above him is exploding. The lighting is bland, and the FOV on the second one is weird.

With that said, the concept is good, and your heart is in the right direction. I’m hoping someone can help iterate specifically what could be done better about this and how to help you get to where you need, 'cause I definitely don’t want to cause you to stop trying.

I didn’t put a whole lot of time into this one. Maybe that’s why.

If you know it’s mediocre and didn’t put effort into trying to make it good, then post it in the ‘don’t want to make a thread’ thread.

But I still wanted to make a thread.


lol my dad was in prison in Innsbruck back in the 70’s


Second image must be from his pet fish’s point of view, otherwise I don’t know how to justify that fisheye lens effect.

“…oh, if only i could have become an aimless and helplessly dislocated college drop-out hobo instead of a an accomplished pioneer of quantum chromodynamics… then i would have been making a REAL difference…”

I didn’t think it was that far into fisheye territory. It’s funny becuase the last time someone commented on my screenshots they said I needed to use more angles and increase the fov.

Look at the perspective and how “stretched” the scientist looks. It really is an extreme case.

What they were saying was probably something to do with avoiding this, not causing it. I suggest you distance the camera more from the scene and zoom in to get a much better image.

I think you misunderstood what people meant with angles. They meant the angle from which you’re looking at the scene, not the angle of the view.

Aka - the place from which you look at the scene, not the wideness of your lense.

“I have two PHD’s and an Erstead Medal, and I find myself doing work best suited for an intern!”

would be a lot better if the scene explained what you intended to be happening

It was just supposed to be guy having a mid life crisis.

you could have represented that a bit better rather than a man sitting on a chair touching his chin

I tried to alter the scientist’s facial structure with the advanced face poser tool to make him look like the guy in the photo. I guess I didn’t recreate it as well as I thought I did.