Wasted Server

  • Wasted Server -

Slots: 6 (Yeah, it was small, but if server might get slightly known, I will raise it to 10 or something.)


Server location: UK, London.

Gamemode: Sandbox

Add-ons: PHX, Wire, PCMod2 and Evolve, also many useful custom stools like Advanced Prop Spawner, Advanced Duplicator, etc.

Rules: Use common sense.

Maps: gm_flatgrass, gm_construct, gm_hiddenworlds_v2, gm_supersizeroom_v2

Yeah, it’s nothing special, really, I am just having a small server for my friends to join, but I thought that I might as well post it here too.


Im not to small community’s.
But tell me then its raised to 14 at least.


6 People is not that big of a deal.