Wasteland - Central US

Central US server, Group PVP, Sleepers, 75% Craft and 30< Man Airdrops

High population afternoons so Hide until you make friends or firepower to back up an attitude.

Freshly Updated, 11 days old with high amounts of pvp between opposing groups. Join up with them or get caught in the crossfire. Make friends or enemies, Your call.

Due to popular vote we’re chopping crafting times down 25% since who the heck likes standing around. To be clear, it’s currently set at .75 compared to the Vanilla 1.0

We’re not just going to remove it completely. You’re good, but not a wizard.

Main menu, Hit “F1″ and copy, paste, enter:


Server Name: Central US [Brand New] 01/03 - PVP/Sleepers

Guile Theme + Rocks leads to a good time.