Wasteland scavenger is shoothing to off-screen enemy.



The flash looks bad, why does it have a shadow?

muzzleflash looks quite ugly IMO

its nice otherwise

I agree with you guys.

That really doesn’t look like a muzzle flash. It looks like a volcanic eruption.
But I like the lighting.

You should have changed the backgrounds contrast/colors to make it fit with the Scavenger.

I think it looks quite cool… the muzzle flash isn’t the best but i think you pulled off the rest quite well.

Looks kick ass.

Id say its generic. But its so fucking cool ill just say its fucking cool.

I think it’s brilliant as always.

Ugly colors I think.

that looks like a czech AK. Where did you get that model?

The muzzleflash is pretty badly done, it has a black outline (as does the soldier). The saturation on the soldier dude doesn’t really fit the photo either.

And fuck. Another STALKER on a picture thread? Mega yawn.

Anyone else think he looks like a giant next to that sign?

cutouts look like shit

I like the background.