Wasteland Shadows

Hey everyone,

For the first time out of all my videos, I managed to fit in voice-actors, and to be honest, it was very fun, since this is my first time using voice-actors in a machinima, dont expect it to be top-notch. Some constructive feedback is always welcome. Thanks.

Summary : A Wastelander Freerunner that goes by the name “Anonymous” gets called up for a task to retrieve a rebellion hard disc that contains valuable information to the rebels, Anonymous must obtain the intel and return it to a drop-off point where the rebellion can extract it.

You can see the credits in the video description and the video.

It was okay… I would stray away from using first-person the entire time though.


Yeah I understand where your getting at but unless you wanted to see someone flying at a wall in thirdperson for freerunning I had to do First - Person, I also really wanted to use Source SDK Faceposer but it isnt working -.-

I still would suggest using Catmull to simulate first person… when you do it in ACTUAL first person mode it just looks like CSS or HL2

I dont really understand how the knife kills and everything would work in catmulls. I dont ever think catmull was made to simulate first person. Correct me if im wrong.

Green-screen the hands / knife / guns in. So easy.

That would look really wierd when you have your catmulls sliding around and you have a static weapon just there.

Wheres the typical people in this section that should be giving me constructive criticism?