Wasteland Sniper looks over the wasteland

I <3 Gm_atomic
This is now my Desktop Bg

I got this idea when i was playing Fallout (duurrrr) Standing on the cliffs at Evergreen mills at sunset
I like how this looks but whats your opinion?

looks awesome. Gives a really good feeling of what gm_atomic is like

Take note of the completley wrong size bullets

Title is kind of ironic, wasteland sniper looks over the wasteland. A wasteland sniper would not be looking over iceland or some other word ending with land. But on the picture is a good utilization of the halflife2 models.

Not bad.

The picture is a bit… meh in my opinion, doesn’t really capture the moment.

I kinda agree with Zeraxify but it is good, someone should make a ammo case for sniper bullets

meh, that was done like 20 times before