Wasteland wanderer looks out across a deserted but cluttered road

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Original: http://filesmelt.com/dl/gm_atomic0001_2.jpg

Just a quick pose and edit.

I love it. Really gives me the Wasteland feeling. Way to go Chesty.

Nice angle and car placing.
The emptyness on the pic gives it a nice wasteland atmosphere.

His arms look a little funky tho.

I know what you mean. His left arm is supposed to be keeping the bag where it is though. I sometimes walk with my arm like that when wearing a duffel bag to keep it swinging against me.

Haha I do the same! Especially when the bag’s cord is long and it hits my hips, its so annoying.

The wastelander seem a bit too clean, otherwise good.

This looks pretty good!

Brilliant as always Chesty! Keep it up.

Book of eli.


Awesome movie is awesome.

Damn straight. I saw The Road too. That film was more thought provoking, but it was pretty painfully slow at times and you could tell at parts that it was adapted from a book because there were random, twenty-second long scenes that were probably 20 pages in the book. I liked them both but if I had to watch one again it would be Book of Eli.



Nice pic.