Wasteland Wanderer

Just a old image I never got around to finishing in-game that Squiddy edited for me.


The lighting on the grass is phenomenal

it might look better if there was a strong blue light coming from infront of him (like there seems to be right now) and a dim blue light illuminating his backside, with the yellowish-orange light coming from the right side of the pic, maybe slightly from infront of the characters

I am in love. Great work!

Yeah I had planned on adding much more to this. I hadn’t even SDOF’d the pic I just took a picture before I logged off to make sure I could adjust to the same angle I had before I logged off. I never got around to finishing it though before GM13 came so, I would’ve added in a lot more but I had Squiddy do what he could for me.

How did you get so much detail in the weapons, grass, characters??

you could pm him, but instead you chose to resurrect the thread

no offense but that AA and jpeg compression is hideous. the picture would be a solid 10/10 if it weren’t for the jaggies everywhere

That is an inspiring screenshot. Great work on the lighting. And the soundtrack for The Walking Dead Game is so good it goes along well. I cant wait for season 2
Also i just realized this thread is hella old. sorry for bumping.

How in the hell did someone find this so many pages back?

The picture that was edited(this being the edited one obviously)was taken in a W.I.P. stage and I never got to go back in and adjust the graphic or render settings prior to the shot being taken. I didn’t even get to use SDOF on the pic.