Wasteland Wanderers

Still Can’t get Image Quality up. tried many of the suggestions I’ve been given but I can’t get jpeg quality above 90.
After a hour of trying to make this look good I said fuck it, the posing is good and i’ll figure the other shit out later.

Posing isn’t good. Neither is the rest of the image.

posing is dreadfully akward

The posing is bad and there’s too much empty space.

funny, i was told my other screenshots were to cluttered.

looks like every god damned picture you’ve ever made


Just stop.

Work on posing, scenery, and lighting.

Can do. lighting will be hard since i can’t shop any of my pictures.

If im not mistaken, there is a tutorial on how to do in game lighting.

Set an example by following your own advice (with respects to your posting).

the idea is good, but posing is ehh, guy on right doest hold a sniper right, guy in the middle, isnt either, but like FloaterTWO said theres too much empty space, maybe some dead mutants, or rad creatures, or some wrecked cars

thats what i get for trying to go with the “empty” vibe. The hands on the one model would not rotate so the palms faced up, that pissed me off to no end.